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Ender Shadowkin
15-10-2013, 01:00
So if your charector is mounted and gets a daemonhood result on the EoG table, the mount (or chariot ) remains. So how do you calculated VPs for this model if said mount lives until the end of the game? The charector is considered dead, but normally you have to kill the whole model, but its a weird situation to have the model spilt into two parts. Although I suppose technically the hero part is just dead and the Deamon prince is a new (free no-VP awarded ) model.


15-10-2013, 07:25
It depends on the mount, warbeast will just die, others will stay and some need to roll and the monster reaction chart

Ender Shadowkin
15-10-2013, 20:14
yeah, That is all obvous stuff from the BRB. What I was asking about is how victory points are calculated when part of a model is ascended and the other remains.

I think you would not get any VP's until you kill the rest of the model as the the table indicates the charector it is removed as a casualty.

16-10-2013, 07:26
You need to kill an entire unit to get the VP's for it. So I would say the mount needs to be slain as well.

16-10-2013, 10:16
You need to kill an entire unit to get the VP's for it. So I would say the mount needs to be slain as well.

I would disagree - if a lord was mounted on a dragon or chariot then you would calc the victory points for the lord only. Things like Juggers and discs would auto die as they cant be targeted specifically ( therefore cant go around on their own) to suggest you cant have the victory points until you kill the mount is odd....its no different then if the mount was killed by a cannon........unless someone can see anything in the BRB that disagrees with my logic....however as a final point, GW seem to point out the splits of some models ( King Louen for Brets and the sisters of twighlight ) on the FAQ's and list the seperate points cost, why do this if you have to kill it all to get anything.

16-10-2013, 15:54
Because the BRB FAQ v1.8 states. (since FAQ v1.0)

Q: If I kill a character but not their mount, do I score victory
points for just the character, the character and their mount, or
must I kill the mount too in order to score any victory points?
A: You must kill the character and his mount to score any
victory points.