View Full Version : 3000 HE - Phoenix Rising

16-10-2013, 20:15
Anointed, Armor of Silvered Steel
29 spearmen, Full cmd

Noble, BSB, AoD, Halberd
29 spearmen, full cmd.

3 X 15 archers (mus.)

Mage, lvl 2, dispel scroll, (high)
Mage, lvl 2, chanelling staff (beasts)

5 Reavers (mus.) bows instead of spears

28 Phoenix Guard, full cmd., Razor standard

Fire phoenix
Frost phoenix
2 bolt throwers,
2 single eagles


17-10-2013, 17:30
It would be cool if the annointed was also on a phoenix. As for comments on your list, I would combine the archer regiments to one large and one small. This way your high mage can cast hand of glory on them and it will affect more. I am not a fan of the chanelling staff, but to each his/her own. I would drop one bolt thrower and put in 5 sisters so you have flaming attacks in the shooting phase to negate regeneration.