View Full Version : Hell hath no fury like a woman ... (2500 points of ninjas and naked women)

Sir Didymus
17-10-2013, 03:43
So after a little break from playing with toy soldiers, I finally have a game planned for tonight and decided to take my little ladies out.

Hell hath no fury like a woman ...


Supreme Beast Sorceress Lvl 3
Tome of Furion (Pann's Impenetrable Pelt or Savage Beast of Horro's), Black Amulet, Trickster's Shard

Lords 595

2 Death Hags

1 Dark Venom Assassin w. Extra Hand Weapon

1 Dark Venom Assassin w. Extra Hand Weapon and Black Dragon Egg

Heroes 444

3 x 6 Dark Riders w. Shields and X-Bows @120
= 360

21 Witch Elves w. hag, musician and Banner of Swiftness
= 276

Core - 636

2 x 7 Shades w. Great Weapon and musician @136
= 272

30 Executioners w. FC @ 390
= 390

Elite - 662

1 Karibdyss

Rare - 160

Total 2497

I expect to meet heavy resistance, fighting either skaven or High Elves.

So the army is based around the two hammers of the "Death Trap" (Hellebrons witches) and the Executioners. Supported by high shooty mobility and a hard hitting monster-hunter monster.

So the plan is to place the supreme sorceress with a unit of shades in vicinity of the with elves. The witches will be led by Hellebron and joined by the two Hags and assassins, so when the unit reaches combat they'll dish out around 30 ASF hate filled, poisoned S7+ attacks with a few Killing Blows just for kicks, and/or receive return attacks with T6+.

Should the Sorceress be so lucky as to get Transformation of Kadon, she and her shades will of course become a third hammer.

So what do you think?

17-10-2013, 04:19
Placing the sorceress in the shades seems a tad risky if they kill enough she may not benefit from the look sir roll or be panicked off the board.

Other than that seems like a list that will bring the pain, watch out for those super spells though.

17-10-2013, 04:21
Just one thing, the tome only helps when picking out DARK magic.. not any of the other lores..

Sir Didymus
17-10-2013, 05:23
I don't fear placing her in the Shades - she is Ld 9 and close to Hellebrons Ld10 afterall, and nothing stops her from changing units.

Thanks for noticing the Tome mistake Fallenturtle, I'll get her a fourth level then, and probably see if I can find the points for a dispel scroll :)

17-10-2013, 14:47
None of your heroes have any armour or wards -- sure they dish out a lot, but anythign left standing will have a good chance of cutting them down.

Can shades takes musicians?

I think the lone Kharibdyss will be sniped off too easily -- you don't have any target saturation, so all cannons and bolt throwers will be trained on them (and you can expect those versus HE and SK)

Sir Didymus
17-10-2013, 17:33
Well, they haven't got wards, but they do have the potential for T7, which I'm gonna rely blindly on.

And Shades got the option for full command - not very ninjalike, but a sign that skirmishers will be even less skirmishy in 9th.

And I'm really not that worried about losing the kharybdis - its just another unit, I fear losing witches and execs much, much more.

The list is in no way optimised, should I go competitive, witches would come in more units of no more than 15 with musicians, there would be no hags, assassins or Hellebron. The Sorceress would use Shadow per default, and there'd probably be a pegasus master for hunting war machines and a few extra monsters. Its a gimmicky list for trying something new - trying to make something of the Beast lore :)

Sir Didymus
17-10-2013, 23:33
Alas.. The list bummed out in a narrow pass vs. Frosty phoenix and a sky blackened with 'high' elf arrows.

Oh, and the dice betrayed me also ;)