View Full Version : We're Orcs of da round wotsit... 1000pts of mounted Orcs

18-10-2013, 10:38
In the process of converting up a bretonnian/knight themed O&G army for a tournament. This is the list thus far:
Sir Krump-alot: 91
Orc Big Boss w/ War Boar, enchanted shield, gold sigil sword

Morkan: 110pts
Lvl 2 Night goblin shaman w/ dispel scroll

Robbinís Hoodies: 70pts 2 Grail fanatics: 50pts
20 Night Goblins w/ bows, musician
Hekarís Howlers: 65pts
5 Wolf riders w/ bows, musician

Borís Barkers: 65pts
5 Wolf riders w/ bows, musician
Da Knights who say WAAAGH!!!: 300pts
14 Boar Boyz w/ spears, shields, standard, musician

Da Flinga: 95pts
Rock Lobba w/ bully

I have 154pts to spare, and I'm not sure what else to put in. All advice welcome!

18-10-2013, 18:12
154 pts to spare? Get that BSB in there man! Your orcs are going to need leadership re-rolls for sure, especially with your relatively limited ranks.

18-10-2013, 18:22
I have no suggestions for you, but "Da Knights who say WAAAGH!!!" is a *******' awesome name. Good luck!

EDIT - Seriously warseer? You're going to asterisk F-R-E-A-K-I-N'? Fragging why?!

18-10-2013, 18:33
Where is merlin ?

18-10-2013, 19:06
Where is merlin ?
I went with Morgan, cos I can fit Mork into that name better than Merlin.
With regards to a BSB, how should I tool him? I imagine something that gives him a ward save would be best, since his armour save will already be pretty high?

Oogie boogie boss
21-10-2013, 16:57
Really like the theme and character you've put into it. Couple of suggestions though- firstly, I'd ditch the NG unit. They're not going to achieve much except get left behind and at best make a paltry attempt to protect your war machines, if you're going for a fast cav army, go all-in. Use the points, plus the 154 left over, to get a mounted BSB to go in the boar unit, and a few more Wolf Archer units. I'd also drop the lobba in favour of more Chukkas. The Lobba on it's own will be vulnerable to units such as Miners, fast cav, flyers, scouts, Gutter Runners, etc. Multiple Chukkas spread out will be harder to neutralize and you won't need to bother leaving stuff back to protect them.
They're also better against armoured troops, which I can see this force struggling against.
Another investment you might consider for the 154 points you've got left over are some Wolf Chariots. 3 of them will be a scary proposition, and will bring you up to around your special allowance nicely.

At the end of the day it's a nice, fun list which I think may struggle to get wins, but which will be hugely entertaining to use and play against. Best of luck!

22-10-2013, 19:36
Sadly I played a few games with all mounted Greenskins and while they LOOK great they just don't perform!!!

Boar Boyz don't have the staying power, the fast cav don't hit hard enough or shoot enough!

So taking some rank & file is crucial - I'd just add a NG warboss (naked) to the unit to give it much needed LD7