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19-10-2013, 07:54
Hey guys, considering that the new Dark Elf army book came out and seems very good for MSU, I was wondering how well a HE army could do it, so here is my MSU HE list. (First edit, altered to make it MSU)

I included some reasoning, but feel free to argue against my points.

-Lore of Life x 2, High Magic x 2, (Light magic is great but this guarantees Throne of Vines, and maxed ward saves.)
Reasoning: Her natural healing abilities and lore choices seem to be a great center piece...

2 Mages on foot
-Level 2, lore of life
-1 Dispel Scroll
-1 Channeling Staff
Reasoning: This guarantees that Alarielle gets Throne of Vines, I have lost her a couple times and she is the center piece of the army. They both end up improving my magic pool even if not casting, and a dispel scroll is always good.

3 x Archers x 15
-Musicians, 2 Standards
Reasoning: 3 ranks of 5, so I have a small foot print but still shoot well, These are relatively cheap core, and effective at killing chaff or thinning down dangerous targets, they are also reasonable bait. The purpose of the Standards is for Blood & glory that way I have to lose all 3 and the white lions or Alarielle to lose that game.

White Lions x 25 (7 to 9 wide depending.)
-Full Command
-Banner of the World Dragon
Reasoning: Probably the most resilient death star in existence, with very effective offense as well.

Frost Phoenix x 1
Reasoning: Extremely effective as support for any unit in my army.

Flamespyre Phoenix x 1
Reasoning: While not as good at support as the frost phoenix, this one can really put a damper on enemy deathstars, warmachines, or long units (ie very deep.) I also like the idea of having 1 of each.

19-10-2013, 10:55
You use the term 'MSU' a couple of times, would you mind explaining what you mean by that? Because I think it means 'Multiple Small Units', and two tens of heavy cavalry and (what you describe as) a Death Star of elite infantry hardly qualifies.

19-10-2013, 11:03
I'm not keen on the magic set up. Sinking over 200 points into Throne of Vines for Alarielle seems like a waste of points. Especialy seen as she won't really benefit from the boost that Throne gives the other spells in the lore. Other that that is the army really MSU? It has two blocks of Knights (taking up an eighth of the army each), a Bannerstar (pushing on for half of the army) and a Frostheart taking up another eighth. The army has five drops in deployment. My HE (which I don't concider to to MSU in any way, shape or form) has eight.

19-10-2013, 18:08
I think your both right that its not really MSU, but I can see some changes that would make it fit that design better. I believe keeping the super white lions is just mandatory however since i think it might be the most powerful thing available in the book. I am going to try and make the MSU title for fitting however so expect edits.