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shadow hunter
19-10-2013, 10:27
Sorry if some of these are old or obvious questions. I haven't played fantasy for a few years and had my first game last night. Now we have the bug again so I wanted to just clear a few things up for next time. Answers or page references would be great.

Charging - If the target flees far enough away, does this mean it is just a failed charge and you only move the highest dice?

If you charge an already fleeing unit (that hasn't fleed this turn) does it have to check to rally or automatically selects flee as it's response. (we chose flee which meant my skeletons ran down a Treeman ancient.)

Do monsters (such as a treeman) not disrupt ranks? I could only find a reference to units having ranks disrupting.

Is damage from screaming bell ringing attacks counted as magical?

I can't remember the rest now. I did do unstable rule wrong though early in the game. I was rolling leadership and taking off wounds between the difference of leadership and roll. It meant I lost my Varghulf and Hexwraiths straight away. D'oh.

19-10-2013, 10:33
1: yes
2: the unit has to flee
3: they do not
4: Only if it is stated somewhere as magical (warpstone attacks count as magical too)

shadow hunter
19-10-2013, 10:44
Thanks, we did everything right at least. (apart from unstable which was my own fault for not reading it, until I realsised everything was crumbling far too easily)

It was late and beer was involved so at times searching for rules became a "if you cant find an answer in a couple of minutes, play with what sounds right".

shadow hunter
19-10-2013, 10:48
Remembered another. Do you not need to test for terror to charge a terror causing monster/unit? (just fear once in combat)

19-10-2013, 11:27
1) You may perform a leadership test to attempt to redirect the charge into another target. Page 18 covers this in more detail.
2) The unit has to flee as previously stated by dutchwarlord. In addition, a unit that has fled once as a charge reaction may only choose Flee! on any further charge reactions in the same turn.
3) dutchwarlord's answer again.
4) Ditto.
5) There is no test to charge a Terror causing monster/unit. It is only the panic test for being charged by a model with the Terror rule and the rules for Fear once in close combat.