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19-10-2013, 12:42
Is it true that the doom diver template is 1.5 inches in diameter? Does this mean that if two units are one inch apart and I place the marker inbetween each unit that both would get hit?

19-10-2013, 12:48
The Doom Diver's rules state that:

"... If any units are touched by the Doom Diver's base, then each must take D6 Strength 5 hits with no armour saves allowed."

I'd say it's pretty crystal clear that they are allowing for multiple units to be hit by the template.

19-10-2013, 15:27
The FAQ supports this too (emphasis mine):

Q: Are units moved over during a flying Doom Diver Goblin’s optional D6" movement hit? (p48)
A: No, only units under the base once the Goblin has reached its final location are hit.