View Full Version : HE 3k PG fun

20-10-2013, 17:27
This is a list I'm pondering for general use though the most likely opponent is DE:

Archmage lvl4, BoH, 4+ ward, High magic
20 PG, with FC and the Gleaming Pennant (pondering making this flaming instead)

Loremaster w/SoAH, Merwyrm, Dispel Scroll
20 PG, with FC and the Swift Std (again, could go to the flaming one instead)

20 Sea Guard w/FC (shooting support, watch tower sized)

10 Archers (often there's a building these guys can shoot from)

Noble BSB w/Reaver Bow, Dragonhelm, Golden Crown, Ironcurse, Halberd. 2+ armor
17 Silver Helms w/FC

2 x Frostheart

2 x Great Eagles

2 x RBT
Total = 2997 points

The PG are 7x3 (full attacks) and the SG are 5x4 (15 shots moving, 18 standing, 20 attacks if charged), to maximize frontage/attacks. ASF for DE means everyone is striking at the same time unless a Frostie can come in and lay ASL on a unit.