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20-10-2013, 22:21
I've been messing around with the new book, trying to come up with a 2400 pt list that I like, and so far this is what I have come up with.

I've been considering removing 1 unit of Dark Riders, and squeezing out some more points somewhere else, to add a couple small screening units of corsairs.

Any comments would be appreciated.

Supreme Sorceress: (Death) Level 4, Gem of Spite, Talisman of Endurance, on a Dark Pegasus: 335 pts
Master:BSB, Heavy Armor, Shield, Sea Dragon Cloak, Lance, Cloak of Twilight, on a Dark Pegasus: 213 pts
Sorceress: (Beasts), Level 2, Dispel Scroll: 140 pts

Dark Riders x5: Shields, x-bows, musician: 110pts
Dark Riders x5: Shields, x-bows, musician: 110pts
Dark Riders x5: Shields, x-bows, musician: 110pts
Darkshards x10: Shields, musician: 140 pts
Darkshards x10: Shields, musician: 140 pts

Reaper Bolt Thower x 2: 140 pts
Cold One Chariot: 115 pts
Cold One Knights x10: Full Command: 330 pts
Blackguard x30: Full Command, War Banner: 515 pts

Total: 2398 pts

20-10-2013, 22:59
I can see the appeal of mounting one of your characters to fly around, but both seems a bit risky especially if you're relying on a 5+ ward for ranged attacks. I'd at least take Dark for a way to heal via Soul Stealer, if you don't put her in a bunker.

The master is a decent build, but typically I wouldn't want my BSB to fly around and engage things solo. It seems like that would require a great deal of care to use well. It looks like you have the point allowance for the Charmed Shield - useful to avoid being cannon balled early on.

I notice that you don't have any banners or units that would be good to occupy buildings. That's fine if you're not playing missions (such as B&G or Watchtower).

The DR units seem good. They can shoot anything or easily beat up other chaff.

The 10 man sword units seem somewhat useless though, one 20 man unit would make a decent bunker that you might cast an augment on but for the cost I would take an equal cost unit of corsairs with handbows or dual CC weapons instead.

I've never had luck with solo chariots. Generally I need multiples for them to be effective.

Both the CO and the BG could benefit from a hero being in the unit. CoK almost never fail stupidity with the BSB nearby. The BG are nice, but they will struggle with armored opponents. I'd take the Razor banner instead and if you put the Lvl4 here and take PoD for +1S, they will be much more effective.

Your DRs will make good war machine and chaff hunters as well as re-directors. Even so a unit of Shades is always nice.

Last but not least, you don't seem to have much of a solution for high T or heavily armored stuff. You'll excel at killing infantry but Brets (cavalry w/wards), Empire (mounted 1+ save / Steam Tanks), and even TK (T8 monsters) might give you trouble.

immortal git
21-10-2013, 01:01
Darkshards are crossbowmen so the units are fine. I agree that you should invest points in either chariots or bolt throwers. I would drop the cold one chariot and get another bolt thrower and some harpies for wmc hunting