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21-10-2013, 04:23
So looking over the gifts that are given for characters
I just want to get the process correct.

1. You roll on the table
2. See the gift your allotted.
3. If you don't like the gift pick a weapon from the demons book or out of the WFB of equal points ish to the gift cost
4. Roll on table again for other gift (if any).

If this is how its done I see this as pretty great. I never played the old demons so i don't know how it used to be only played against. Nor does it really matter now. Being able to pick your weapons at the beginning of each game could be pretty crazy in a tournament setting. As in take the 50 point gift on your Greater demon. Make the roll just to see what you get. If the opposition is running a character bus take sword of anti-hero's. If your fighting nurgle take +1 hit. And you can change your weapons each game in the tournament to match the opposition.

Or the 75 point gift where you can take a portal, or a regenerating wall or a hitty sword or a reroll on winds of magic IF you didn't like the exalted gift depending on what your facing. I dunno i see this stuff as an advantage. But I hear people talk of this as a disadvantage.

21-10-2013, 04:59
It's a disadvantage because the demon's don't need weapons. They're all strength 6 and crush most things they fight anyway. What they need is protection and utility, and rolling on a random table means that you cannot always get it.

21-10-2013, 07:11
And of course the cost, we pay way more then most armies for the weapons

21-10-2013, 16:16
Yes, 25pts for a 2+ save against the first wound, which you can buy for 5pt out the brb, isnt great. Also 50pts for the chance to wound yourself for d3 power dice is equally uncool.

The 40k tables are how it should be done. The fantasy versions a joke.

24-10-2013, 19:49
The fantasy version is GW Nerfing Daemons to make up to all the people who still have their panties in a twist over the last book.

The Lesser Gifts are 50/50 and pretty "meh". I will always take a lesser on my Greater Daemons and if I don't get Cleaving Blow (multi-wound) or Unnatural Swiftness (ASF) I default to 0 and take the ASF Sword from the MRB.

The Greater gifts are not bad, except #1 if I roll that I default to 0 and take either the ASF Sword, Obsidian or the Ogre Blade from the MRB.

All the Exalted Gifts are awesome, with the exception of Sorcerers Lodestone, I can see it being useful but also very situational for 75 points. Is good if you have a character that is injured, can cast a throw away spell that you know opponent wont try to stop just get the 5+ chance to heal a wound. I guess could also try to bait your opponent in to using dispel dice to prevent the chance of healing a wound.

I generally run an all Khorne list so counting on the other player to cast spells and bolster his line so I can heal a wound is just not a good trade.

If it healed a wound with every successful spell cast like Life-Bloom then that would be Awesome!
"Yea, go ahead cast that spell I will even let you have the next one, my BloodThirster in the challange over there is down 2 wounds! Wait, what do you mean you want to end the magic phase without casting!" :D

25-10-2013, 06:41
Yes, 25pts for a 2+ save against the first wound, which you can buy for 5pt out the brb, isnt great.
Charmed shield is against the first hit, not the first wound.

I don't think the Fantasy Gifts are that bad, really. They're just quite boring.

02-11-2013, 11:37
The inability to plan on any defense for your character is the main complaint. It would make my day if one of the default greater gifts was the armor of silvered steel. Im tired of having a 500+ point large target, sole level 4, and the model being my general able to be downed easily due to just having a 5+ ward.

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04-11-2013, 19:57
it should be 4 + for greater d but a dp would still 5+. Mind u the best gift is the wand of wissy for 25 points . my favourate is enturnal blade for 75 points and d3 impact hits is fun too.

there are quite a few things I am unhappy with daemons especially since it is all most impossible to win against high eleves that has a unit the dragon world banner.