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21-10-2013, 05:14
Lord of Change lore of tzeentch
Exalted gift
Lesser gift

1 herald of tzeentch on disc
lvl 2 Metal

1 blue scribe

10 pink horror's w/ standard x 3
10 pink horror's no cmdx 2

2 Burning Chariot of Tzeentch
5 Furies x 2

6 Flamers
3 Screamers x 3

Plays like water. wood elf ish but effective. This build is more about channeling. 7 channel dice + whatever channel dice the blue scribe can pull. Rerolling 1's on channel dice. burning chariots are amazing. Metal herald is for armored stuff and to counter the regen. pull opponents dispel dice with glean magic blah blah. this would probably be better with a greater gift over an exalted so i can get access to staff of change on Lord of change. Although the reroll on the magic phase is nice. Wand of whimsy is boss btw.

Alternative build

Exalted gift
Lesser gift


herald of tzeentch bsb
greater locus
Greater gift
lvl 2 metal

Burning chariot x 2

44 pink horrors full cmd

3 screamers
3 screamers
5 furies x 2
6 flamers

I played this. It worked well imo. The greater locus turns the tarpit of horrors into a possible hitty unit. With this rock of inevability could work as place it infront of tarpit unit and if you generate a building place horrors in building. changeling is for killing stuff the tarpit can't handle such as monsters. Bsb will probably opt for fencer blades as its a support guy. I know i can split the 6 flamers into 3 but I like having a 6 flamer stand and shoot reaction. I'm still on the fence on to keep it 6 or 3 or take them out for more screamers.

I really like having the option to take the Hellforged artifacts. I could take the portalglyph on the horrors for point denial. I could take rock of inevitability for cannon defense on loc and to provide a -1 hit on pink horror unit. Or take chromatic tome for magic dominance. Or even the eternal blade if there is a against monster lists.

I really like having no front.

tell me what you think. I know its random as hell though. I'm having fun though.

05-11-2013, 09:14
haha, love tzeentch!
Especially the second list :D
you have inspired me to create an army with two units: a greater daemon with portalglyph and other upgrades, and the rest on core... dat points denial xD

06-11-2013, 20:06
i am worth nothing on feedback for DOC because i havent played against them for a long while... But i do love this list and i wonder how it plays.. Second list looks so cool to paint/convert/play
you got my vote for coolness