View Full Version : Throgg basesize?

21-10-2013, 14:08
So I just picked up Throgg, not only because itīs a great character but also because the model is real awesome. However my Throgg came with a 50*50 mm base, is this correct? It will be quite awkward to put him among a unit of trolls with that basesize...

21-10-2013, 14:23
If he came with that Base is he not supposed to use it?

21-10-2013, 14:29
Says 40 mm on the GW website

21-10-2013, 14:34
Normally I would say yes, but GW site says 40*40 mm, just wanted to be sure whatīs right & hear what others have gotten

& also as said bit awkward to put him among trolls with a different sized base.

(& for the record donīt always go by that, because if thatīs the case, I can put all my marauders on 20 mm bases which they came with back when they were released, not to mention my old chimera which I can put back on its 25*25 mm base it came with when I bought it)

21-10-2013, 14:59
Yeah Throgg is on a 40mm x 40mm base. Otherwise he wouldn't fit his trolls very well ;)

21-10-2013, 17:11
Mine came with a 40mm. I would not put him on a 50mm as he would then no longer fit in a troll unit.

21-10-2013, 17:33
Thanks for the replies, a 40 mm base it is then.