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21-10-2013, 20:27
As above really, I've not had a great deal of list writing and testing as I rarely get a chance to play. I usually play against my brother maybe once a month, if that.

I'm after some advice and most likely constructive criticism on the lists I've put together. I've only been back into the game for a few months now so I'm still remembering the majority of things.

I'll list the models I have and write down the 2 lists I've come up with. I'm a big fan or the witch elves and Hellebron etc but just not too sure how to field them all.

So here's what I have to play with.

1 Supreme Sorceress
Shadowblade / Assassin
Master BSB
1 sorceress (actually a wood elf model)
Cauldron with death hag
19 corsairs
40 witch elves (30 unmade, possibly sisters)
16 crossbowmen
12 spearmen
5 CoK

I think that's it. Not my special or rare but that's going to get filled when warlocks and executioners are out. And 3 more RBT's

My 1500 list is as follows :

* Supreme Sorceress, Lore of Death, Sacrificial Dagger, Talisman of Preservation. Lvl 4

* Khainite Assassin, Additional Hand Weapon, Dark Venom.
* Master
Battle Standard Bearer, Great Weapon, Heavy Armor, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield.
* Sorceress
Dark Magic, Dispel Scroll, lvl 2.

* 19 Black Ark Corsairs, Musician, Reaver, Repeater Handbows, Standard Bearer.
* 18 Witch Elves
Hag, Musician, Standard Bearer.

* 5 Cold One Knights
* Reaper Bolt Thrower

* Kharibdyss

My 2400 list is as follows :

* Hellebron
* Supreme Sorceress
Dispel Scroll, Lore of Death, Lvl 4

* Death Hag
Cauldron of Blood, Cry of war.
* Master
Battle Standard Bearer, Cold One, Heavy Armor, Lance, Sea Dragon Cloak, Shield.

* 19 Black Ark Corsairs, Reaver, Repeater Handbows, Standard Bearer.
* 16 Darkshards, Guardmaster, Standard Bearer.
* 20 Witch Elves
Hag, Musician, Standard Bearer.
* 20 Witch Elves
Hag, Musician, Standard Bearer.

* 5 Cold One Knights, Dread Knight, Musician, Standard Bearer.
* Reaper Bolt Thrower.

* Bloodwrack Medusa.
* Kharibdyss.

These are the lists that I can come up with. Obviously I could make 10 or 20 sisters to beef up rare but I'm okay having 40 WE's. And from what I've read, sisters are too expensive.

This isn't a tournament list just a casual fun gaming list. I play WoC mainly.

Any advice, constructive criticism, help in any form is much appreciated.



21-10-2013, 20:47
40 witch elves (30 unmade, possibly sisters)
I can't think of any good reasons to make them sisters.

You should probably also tidy up the points values and just do totals. Individual point values are frowned upon.

21-10-2013, 20:48
Okay :-) I shall adjust it now. It was easier to copy and paste that's all.

21-10-2013, 20:52
just with the cry of war on your cauldron hag, hellebron i was sure had all 3 upgrades so it isnt needed on the hag?

21-10-2013, 21:08
That should be easier on the eyes now.

You have a good point, so I now have some spare points. Always a bonus.

One of the things I was hoping for advice on, would I be better off with a unit of 40 WE's with the cauldron or 2 units of 20, one with the cauldron and one with hellebron for more target saturation?