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22-10-2013, 02:50
Hey everyone. I just decided the type of list I want to play with dark elves because I havent been able to play this type of list with any of my other armies and was hoping I could get some insight.

Supreme Sorceress - Lvl 4, Talisman of Preservation, Tome of Furion
High Beastmaster- Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone, Cloak of Twilight, Manticore Blind Fury, Scaley skin 4+
Master- Bsb, Cold one, SDC, Halberd, Armor of Destiny
Death Hag- witchbrew

Dark Riders x5- Mus, shield, RXB
Dark Riders x5- Mus, shield, RXB
Corsairs x20- FC, Banner of Dicipline (mage bunker)
Witch Elves x20- FC, Banner of Eternal Flame (unit that plays itself)

Cold One Knights x9- FC, Razor Standard (bsb here)
War Hydra- Fiery Breath
War Hydra- Fiery Breath
Shades x5- Great Weapons

Warlocks x5

Its an MSU style list not including the witch elves with the Death Hag. Now I know its small but I am hoping that people shoot them. My army is pretty fast so I know I am charging most likely t2. if people shoot my witches then they are not shooting my monsters. I also feel like they are an iconic unit, like the models, and needed 265 pts to fill up core so it fit like a glove.

What does everyone think? Am I going down the right alley?

26-10-2013, 07:26
I'm not sold on the high beastmaster over just a dreadlord on manticore. Trading a profile attack for +D3 manticore attacks looks good on paper, but you have to consider:
1: The dreadlord can take a lance, beastmaster is stuck with a spear.
Which contributes better to
2: When you charge into a unit and the champion chumps you with a challenge the manticore never swings anyway. You're relying on the multi-wound cloak from the rider to generate enough overkill to beat static combat res. Extra profile attack and lance vs spear can win an entire combat right there.

26-10-2013, 09:57
I like the list. I think the reason he is going beast master is the beast theme over power gaming. I would add armor piercing banner to the cold ones. If your witches are your throw away unit i would remove the death hag and add something else. I think a lev 2 would be better. You could do life and give your monsters wounds back or regen and it would also allow you to bring a scroll which is big imo. You could also run a lev 4 beasts and a lev 2 dark. Tome of furian on a lev 4 what dark spell are you so concerned about getting? I think you could change this into something more useful. As a lev 4 you can almost always get 1 spell you really want.

26-10-2013, 19:13
I would dump one Khar for a third Hydra, otherwise seems like a fun monster-mash.

27-10-2013, 13:08
with the tome I really wanted word of pain. I feel like that hex spell on a unit charged by monsters would help with the t5 issue.

I wanted the death hag more for witchbrew than anything else. 4 attacks each on the front rank with poison and flaming sounds pretty brutal. for not much points investment. I needed the core anyway and I can drop with ogres blade to make her cheaper so when she dies it doesnt hurt as bad.

I am using Doomfire warlocks as my 2nd caster so I am not sure how I will have enough dice to throw around for a second level 2. Now if I do go another lore than dark for my level 4 then I will just swap tome for scroll.
I like being able to plan around a couple spells like the warlocks. with warlocks and tome of furion I am guarenteed 2 awesome hex spells.

The razor standard is a good idea. I will edit the list

Leaves me with 10 points. Any ideas? if I can come up with 10 more points I can give the beastmaster the sword of might instead of a spear

27-10-2013, 14:04
Great list...aside from the witch elves and corsairs..how do they keep pace? And as your only ranked units you will need to throw the army support around.

27-10-2013, 17:22
Well I can give witches the banner of swiftness then they can keep up. Corsairs I don't mind hanging back because they are just a bunker for my general

I also am taking the Beastmaster so that the Sorceress can be the General. If i take a dreadlord then he has to be the General. A general on a manticore is a bad idea IMO. I really liked the Monster Mash MSU army but for a slight decrease in effectiveness I will take a Beastmaster over a dreadlord losing 1 str on the charge and 1 attack. It makes a fluffier list and allows my general to be in a bunker away from the carnage