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22-10-2013, 13:25
I'm planning to attend next years blood and glory tournament in the uk and this is the army list I'm working on. For those who don't know, B&G focuses on fortitude which is essentially the amount of banners in your army.

My thoughts with this army is to have a mobile and maneuverable, fast paced army without too much concentrated force with as much utility as I can fit.

The centigor core is partially because I want to convert the models also because they fill up core with something fast and relatively hard hitting, 9 with Ghorros put out 22 strength 5 attacks on a very small frontage. The small units are as support for minotaurs and bestigor and running down fleeing foes. Also for anti chaff roles.

The Minotaur have shields as I don't have as much chaff as I think I need to screen them from archers.

The gorebull is a light fit for killing anything flaming or soloing where needed. I went GW to ensure there's a bit of high strength in the army.

The beastlord is a mini doombull in the unit of bestigor and with the banner of swiftness they should get where they're needed. The shaman has the combat setup but will be on the edge of the unit unless needed

Any thoughts or criticism would be much appreciated. I don't plan on changing the army much modelwise except to either increase or decrease unit sizes. I also don't want any other type of unit in the army, specifically razorgor or chariots! Just don't like them!

Beastlord: Ramhorn Helm; Dawnstone; Gouge-tusks; Gnarled Hide; The Brass Cleaver; heavy armour; shield.
Great Bray-Shaman: Talisman of Preservation; Fencer's Blades; Jagged Dagger; Level 4 Wizard; Lore of Beasts.

Gorebull: Blackened Plate; great weapon; Battle Standard.

9 Sons of Ghorros: Musician; Standard Bearer.
5 Ghorros Warhoof's Centigors: Musician; Standard Bearer.
5 Ghorros Warhoof's Centigors: Musician; Standard Bearer.
5 Ungor Raiders: Musician.
5 Ungor Raiders

28 Bestigors: Gouge-horn; Musician; Standard Bearer; Banner of Swiftness.
7 Minotaurs: Bloodkine (Sword of Striking); Standard Bearer; shield.