View Full Version : DOC Lore of Slaanesh – Hysterical Frenzy & Lore Attribute

22-10-2013, 16:57
DOC Lore of Slaanesh Lore Attribute is add 1 model for each wound caused by Spell from Lore of Slaanesh on a d6 roll of 5+

Hysterical Frenzy can be used as an augment as well as a hex.
Either way it causes D6 S3 hits on the target unit at the end of magic phase.
If used as an augment and wounded own unit, do those still count as "wounds" where the Lore Attribute is concerned?
And can you choose the same unit that is the target of the spell to gain the new models?

I would say ‘yes’ but interested to hear other opinions.

22-10-2013, 18:48
I reckon it probably does. Not like Slaanesh isn't above resurrecting a daemon so devoted to excess that it literally dances itself to death…

23-10-2013, 07:46
I'm wondering the same thing, as writen I would say yes. So as long as the caster is within 12" of the unit, the unit basicly has a 5+ 5+ save against those wounds.

24-10-2013, 20:15
One more question about Hysterical Frenzy, since it is remains in play:
Can it be cast on an enemy unit, forcing them to test to charge if a charge is possible, and if they are successful in the charge, have the casting wizard choose to drop the spell?

Can you end a remains in play spell you cast in your opponents magic phase is really the question?