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22-10-2013, 18:10
Longwinded Battle Report with no pictures anyone? Okay, get comfy...

I played my High Elves against a new opponents Ogres in a 2,000 point game. This report is from memory so specifics about wound counts and the like are not totally accurate, but close enough to give you the right idea. I didn't want to take anything super competitive since I didn't know what type of list he'd bring so no Phoenix Guard, no Shadow Archmage, no BotWD, etc...

My List:

Book of Hoeth, 4+ Ward

BSB, Armoured Steed, Dragon Armour, Lance, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone, Potion of Strength

5 x Reavers
Bow, Spear

5 x Reavers
Bow, Spear

5 x Reavers
Bow, Spear

9 x Silverhelms
Full Command, Shields

20 x Swordmasters
Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame

Lion Chariot

Lothern Skycutter
Bolt Thrower

Frostheart Phoenix



Great Eagle

Ogres list was also pretty tame, roughly he had:

Tyrant (Dragonbane Gem, not sure what else)
Bruiser BSB
Firebelly (5+ ward, Scroll of Shielding)
6 x Ogres FC
6 x Ogres FC
20 x Gnoblars w/ Trappers
6 x Leadbelchers
Gnoblar Scraplauncher

The scenario was Battle for the Pass. The High Elves won the roll and opted to take the table edge of choice and the Ogres deployed first.

Terrain didnít enter into the game, but the Scraplauncher and RBTs deployed on hills in opposing corners. The only other terrain in the middle area of the table was an Idol of Gork that did not affect gameplay on any turn.

Otherwise the deployment was heavy on the Elves left flank with two units of Reavers in front of the Lions Chariot and Silver Helms with BSB. They were faced with the Stonehorn, and behind him the Scraplauncher and Tyrant in one of the Ogre units.

The centre of the board had the Swordmasters and Loremaster facing up against the second Ogre unit which included the BSB. The Firebelly was on his own garrisoning a building right behind them.

The right flank had the Leadbelchers and Gnoblars facing off against the Phoenix, Skycutter, Eagle and last unit of Reavers. With so many more deployments I was able to drop my fast, hard hitting units on the weakest flank of the Ogre line.

I vanguard up all the Reavers, one unit of which is right in front of the Stonehorn. The Firebelly gets Flaming Sword of Rhuin and Fireball for itís spells.

The Ogres won the roll to go first. The turns, from memory:

Ogres Turn 1
The Stonehorn fails his frenzy check and is just outside of the BSB range for a reroll. It chargers the Reavers who flee, but poor rolling means that they are run down, but the Stonehorn is left about six inches in front of the Silverhelms.

Everything else marches up with the exception of the Firebelly who stays in his building, and the Leadbelchers and Scraplauncher. The Scraplauncher drops a shot on the Swordmasters which deviates slightly. Two Swordmasters die to killing blows, and one other to a regular wound with one more saved by armour. The Lion Chariot is also hit but is not wounded.

The Leadbelchers blast the Reavers on the right flank reducing it to a single model. It passes itís panic test however.

Magic sees two of the remaining Reavers on the left flank fall to a Fireball from the Firebelly.

High Elves Turn 1
The Silverhelms declare a charge on the Stonehorn while everything else moves up. The single Reaver on the right flank scoots around the Gnoblars to the exposed flank of the Leadbelchers, and the remaining Reavers on the left flank dart between the two Ogre units to threaten a charge on the Firebelly next turn. The Phoenix and Skycutter move to just outside of charge range of the Leadbelchers and Gnoblars respectively. The Swordmasters move up the middle with the Lion Chariot flanking them to their left, and the Eagle flanks to their right.

Magic sees Iceshard Blizzard cast on the Leadbelchers and the Firebelly fails to dispel. Spirit Leech is cast against the Tyrant and is countered by the Scroll of Shielding, but no wounds are dealt by the opposed Leadership roll.

The RBTs and Skycutter fire into the Leadbelchers while the Reavers fire at the Firebelly. Every single shot either misses or fails to wound.
Things go better in combat, where the Noble BSB quaffs his potion of strength and lands all three hits on the Stonehorn. All three wound, and the remaining Silverhelms cut it down before it can strike back. The Tyrantís unit is about 16Ē away so I donít take the overrun, and reform to face them.

Ogres Turn 2
The two Ogre units have long charges to make to reach the Swordmasters and Silverhelms, but both do, the BSB unit rolling a 9 to hit the Swordmasters and the Tyrants unit an 11 to reach the Silverhelms. The Scraplauncher, Leadbelchers and Gnoblars all move forward and the Gorger appears right next to my RBTs.
Magic sees the breath attack from the Firebelly wipe two of the Reavers threatening it and the last man panics. The Scraplauncher fails to wound the Phoenix, and with Iceshard hindering the Leadbelchers they can only put a single wound on the Skycutter.

The Ogre Charge impact hits only kill three Swordmasters and two Silverhelms due to some lucky armour saves. The Tyrant and Noble BSB enter a challenge and the BSB delivers a wound while the Tyrant canít get through the rerollable 2+ armour save of the Elf. The Knights and Ogres trade blows dealing a small handful of wounds, and the Elves lose the combat but hold.

The Swordmasters lay into the charging Ogres while the Loremaster accepts the Challenge from the Ogre BSB. The Loremaster scores a wound and his ward save keeps him unscathed. One Ogre is slain and another wounded while another two Swordmasters die. The combat is drawn.

High Elves Turn 2
The Skycutter and Phoenix charge into the Gnoblars and Leadbelchers respectively while the Eagle and Chariot line up flank charges for the following turn. The lone Reaver on the right flank charges the side of the Leadbelchers unit as well.

In the magic phase Earthblood is dispelled on the Swordmasters, but Wildform gets through. T4 S6 Swordmasters!

The RBTs have the Gorger two inches away but he is positioned so that one blocks line of sight for the other, so only one can shoot at it. The RBT misses, of course, and the Gorger will have a delicious meal of High Elf crew in the next turn.

In combat, the Noble BSB manages to score a few more wounds and the Tyrant is reduced to three remaining, and the Tyrant woundss him in retaliation. The Silverhelms manage to land enough wounds and make enough armour saves that they draw the combat, but they are reduced to only seven facing off against four Ogres.

The Swordmasters do much, much better. The Loremaster, now attacking at S7, takes the Ogre BSB down to one wound remaining, while the taking one wound in return. The Swordmaster rank and file land nine or ten wounds on the Ogre unit reducing them to a single model and taking only one more wound in return. The Ogres need to roll insane courage to hold, but break. They are not run down but the BSB is killed.

The Skycutter decimates the Gnoblars, inflicting seven wounds between crew attacks and impact hits and is unwounded in return. They break and are run down, but the Skycutter ends itís movement on an obstacle, and is destroyed by the dangerous terrain test.

The Phoenix inflicts three wounds on the Leadbelchers and the single Reaver adds a wounds of itís own. The Phoenix takes one wound in return, and the Ogres somehow manage to fluff all the attacks against the Reaver. Once again, the Ogre unit breaks, and the Phoenix mercilessly slaughters them in Pursuit.

In one round the entire Ogre flank is destroyed and the Swordmasters have control over the centre of the table.

Ogre Turn Three
The Gorger slams into the first RBT and the Scraplauncher manages a charge into the flank of the Swordmasters. The lone remaining Ogre manages to rally and turns to face the Swordmasters once more. There is no shooting and the Firebelly puts a wound on the Phoenix with a Fireball.

The Gorger destroys the first RBT and overruns right into the second.

The Tyrant and his remaining Ogres take a few more wounds before the Tyrant slaughters the BSB, and the Silverhelms are reduced to five, but have managed once again to hold out against the Ogres.

The Scraplauncher kills three more Swordmasters with impact hits, but the Loremaster makes way to the flank and reduces it to splinters with the help of the remaining Swordmaster in the second rank.

High Elves Turn Three
The Swordmasters charge ahead at the last remaining Ogre in front of them who tries to flee but is caught and run down. They are now at the base of the building that houses the Firebelly. The Phoenix has a charge arc to it, however, and swoops over to deal with the pesky spellcaster.

The Lion Chariot was originally set up to support the Swordmasters and now has to manoeuvre around terrain to bring the Tyrantís unit into itís charge arc, and the Eagle flies over to assist. The two single Reavers move back towards the High Elf deployment zone in order to prevent the Gorger from entering the fray.

There is no shooting this turn and the Loremaster only manages to get one spell off, reducing the WS of the Tyrantís unit by one.
The Tyrant and his Ogres have an unremarkable round of combat with the Silverhelms, although they are reduced to three left in the combat versus three Ogres.

The Phoenix only gets one wound on the Firebelly after saves and is wounded in return. The Firebelly loses by one by holds.

Ogres Turn Four
While it seems desperate for the Ogres who only have the Tyrants unit, the Firebelly and the Gorger left on the table, the Elves has suffered deep losses as well, and the Tyrant is proving very tough to kill.

The Firebelly throws Flaming Sword onto the Tyrantís unit and rolls irresistible force, sucking the Firebelly into a vortex, while failing to wound the Phoenix.

The Tyrant takes this newfound power and his unit slaughters the Silverhelms to the last man. The Tyrant is wounded once more in the combat and is now reduced to two wounds remaining. The Gorger only manages to kill one crew member of the last RBT and is stuck in combat for one more turn and is actually wounded once by the crew!

High Elves Turn Four
Needing to protect the Loremaster and buy time for the Phoenix to reposition itself, the Lion Chariot declares a charge into the Tyrantís unit while the Swordmasters reform and move towards the final battle. The Eagle joins the Reavers, positioned to ensure that the Gorger cannot affect the end of the game.

The Loremaster attempts to cast Wildform on the Chariot but it is dispelled.

The Chariot only manages one impact hit and delivers one or two Ogre, leaving only the Tyrant, Champion and the Standard Bearer on one wound. The Ogres destroy it in turn.

Ogres Turn Five
All of the High Elf units are beyond the charge range of the Ogres but they must push forward in the hopes of stealing some VP in the last two turns of the game. The Gorger finishes off the RBT crew and reforms to face the Reavers and Eagle.

High Elves Turn Five
The Phoenix charges into the Tyrantís unit, while the Swordmasters keep their distance. The Reavers stay just outside of charge range of the Gorger while taking ineffective pot shots with their bows, and the Eagle keeps itís position. Wildform on the Phoenix is dispelled and the Loremaster casts Miasma on the Tyrantís unit reducing the WS of the unit by 2.

The Phoenix Rips the Standard Bearer to shreds and wounds the Champion while it takes a wound from the Tyrant in return. The Ogres hold.

Ogres Turn Six
The Gorger advances but is too far away to do anything. The Tyrant watches the Phoenix destroy the unit Champion and wounds the Phoenix once again. Both the Phoenix and Tyrant are on two wounds remaining.

High Elves Turn Six
Everything holds position. The Reavers take two final shots at the Gorger but they are ineffective. Magic is uneventful.
In the final combat, the Phoenix tears the Tyrant apart securing a victory for the High Elves.

Post Battle
The Ogres were tabled with the exception of the Gorger, while the High Elves lost two RBTs, one unit of Reavers, the Silverhelms and BSB, and both Chariots. A bloody affair for certain.

There is no doubt that the rolls went the way of the Elves and having an entire flank collapse in turn two is an almost impossible situation to come back from against a fast, hard hitting army. My opponent was awesome though, and it was a good game all around.