View Full Version : glean magic

22-10-2013, 20:38
So lets say you cast glean magic and win the dice off. So glean magic is casted but your opponent ward saves the str 3 hit. You still steal a spell correct regardless. Also lets say the opposition has magic resilence for the ward save you still steal the spell right?

22-10-2013, 21:01
Yes you are correct - the only time you wouldn't steal a spell is when you lose the initial role off, as the strength 3 hit is a separate part of the effect granted by winning the roll off.

26-10-2013, 00:19
Same idea for the high elf new value unmaking spell? Item is destroyed regardless of the wound roll?

26-10-2013, 00:23
Yup. Two separate effects that coincidentally happen in a specific order.

29-10-2013, 17:57
What happens if cast Glean Magic on a unit of Horrors or a unit of Dark Elf Warlocks?

Would whole unit lose their spell?