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22-10-2013, 22:45
The Nurgle list consisted of Guo w/2X Greater Gift (+1 wound, soul eater), Epidemius, Nurgle herald BSB, 21 Plaguebearers w/FC (Lichebone Pennant), 24 Plaguebearers w/FC (+1 movement Banner), 4 BON, Soul Grinder with all the toys, 4 Plague Drones.
My Beastmen list had Beastlord (Armor of Destiny, Obsidian Amulet, Rune of the True Beast), Great Bray Shaman (steel claws, jagged Dagger, T.O.P., Lore of Death, Wargor BSB (206 build), Shaman Lvl 2 Death (dispel scroll), Shamn Lvl 1 (shard of the herdstone), shaman Lvl 1 death, Shaman lvl1 beasts, 38 Gor FC and EHW (Lvl 4 shaman/BSB here), 25 Gor FC and EHW (ambushers), 7 raiders, 6 raiders (ambushers), 29 Bestigor FC and Standard of Discipline (Beastlord here), and finally my Cygor!

Daemon setup from left to right-Soulgrinder, GUO, 25 PB w/bsb, 21 PB w/Epi, Plague Drones on far right flank.
Beastmen setup from left to right-Herdstone w/4 shamans, Bestigor w/General, Gor horde w/Lvl 4 shaman/BSB, 7 raiders in front of Horde, 25 Gors and 6 raiders off the board for now (ambushing)

GUO rolled curse of the leper, rancid visitations, fleshy abundance, plague wind
Lvl 4 Shaman rolled spirit leech, caress of laniph, soulblight, fate of bjuna, lvl 2 rolled spirit leech, purple sun, lvl 1 with amber spear, lvl 1 with spirit leech, lvl 1 with wyssans wildform

Beastmen manage to win the roll off to see who goes first and I take the first turn.

Beasts turn 1

All my units move forward. The shamans reposition a bit around the herdstone. My ambushing Gors fail to come on this turn but the raiders succeed although my opponent gets to place them on my own table edge across from the Plague Drones. I roll for magic 6+2, after all bonuses I max out at 12. My lvl 2 death shaman gets off spirit leech targeting his BSB. He lets it go thru, he's waiting for the purple sun. I roll well enough to cause 3 wounds and he only saves 1...dead BSB right of the bat! I get 1 PD back. My other lvl 1 death shaman casts spirit leech at his soulgrinder. He again lets it go thru but I cause no wounds. My lvl 4 cats spirit leech at Epidemius with a mighty 25 but he manages to match my roll and dispels it. On to shooting...Cygor throws a rock at the GUO but it must've been too slick cause he drops it on his own head!

Daemons turn 1

All his units surge forward. The SG marches towards my herdstone shamans. Drones move up the left flank, epidemius unit moves up slightly and the other PB unit takes a full march forward. Magic is 6+2...The dark prince thirsts steals a wound from the lvl 1 death shaman and I manage to channel 2 dice with the beasts so it's 8-8. GUO casts Rancid at wounded shaman but I dispel. He then goes for Plague Wind and I scroll it. Epi tally is at 0!

Beasts turn 2

Bestigor unit w/general charges PB unit (the one w/o Epi) and make it. Herdstone Shamans all reposition so as not to get charged by Soulgrinder. Ambushing Gors make it on and end up on my left flank directly behind the Soulgrinder. Cygor moves up to block the Soulgrinder while keeping GUO in its LOS. Magic is 6 (3+3). After bonuses it's 11-3. My beast shaman casts wyssans on the Cygor, he lets it go thru. My lvl 2 Death Shaman casts Purple Sun hoping to send it thru the Soulgrinder and the GUO and he gets it with IF! I roll for distance and I misfire...It centers on my Shaman and only scatters 1 inch AND I fail my Ini test and DIE! I only lose 1 dice though after the miscast result. My lvl 4 tries spirit leech again on Epi but its dispelled easily. On to shooting. Cygors throws a rock again at the GUO and scores a direct hit! Take that fatty! I roll a 1 to wound!!! ARRRGH!!! On to combat...PB's attack first due to my guys all having great weapons. They manage to get 6 wounds and I only save 1. After the Beastlord and Besti's swing they do 9 wounds but they save 3. Bestigors win combat 13-8. PB's testing on a 4, they roll 10 and 6 more go poof. Epi's tally grows to 5.

Daemons turn 2

Soulgrinder charges the Cygor and easily makes it. Beasts of Nurgle charge the raiders and I hold ( I should have fled instead of feeding his tally). Plage Drones charge the other raiders and I flee successfully. GUO positions itself to throw a Plague wind thru ALL of my Bestigors. Magic is 4! Daemons ward saves drop to 6+. I channel 1 dice with my shamans, it's tied 4-4. GUO attempts Plague wind but fails to cast by 1. On to combat. Raiders manage a wound on the Beasts of Nurgle but are annihilated in return. They overrun into my Gor horde with lvl 4 shaman/bsb. In the other combat the PB's kill 4 Bestigors. The Beastlord drops 3 PB's and the Bestigors kill the remaning models. The Soulgrinder gets 3 wounds on the Cygor. The Cygor gets 2 wounds on the Soulgrinder. Soulgrinder wins combat by 2 but the Cygor is stubborn on LD 10 while near the general but I fail my test with an 11. The BSB is too far away (1.5") to get the reroll. Cygor flees 3" and is ran down by the Soulgrinder rolling only 6.

Beasts turn 3

The ambushed Gor unit charges the Soulgrinder in the rear and makes it. The Bestigors get a flank charge on Epi's unit. My lvl 1 shaman IF's wyssan's on the ambush gors to minimize damage from the Soulgrinder. Shaman takes a wound and I lose 1 dice from the pool. Lvl 4 casts Caress of Laniph on Epidemius successfully but I roll snake eyes! I then cast Spirit leech pitifully and it's dispelled easily. Ambush Gors manage to get 1 wound on the Soulgrinder (down to 3 now) Soulgrinder kills 5 Gor between attacks/thunderstomp. The Gors win 8-5. It's testing on a 6, it rolls a 7 and takes 1 more wound (2 left). The flanked PB's whiff all their attacks at the Bestigors. Beastlord kills 1 and the Besti's kill 6 more. PB's lose horribly (LD 0) but roll very low and only take a couple more wounds. The Gor horde only manage 3 wounds on the Beasts of Nurgle but it's enough to remove a model. The swing back only killing 4 Gors. Thebeasts of Nurgle lose combat by 2 and take 2 more wounds after their instability test.

Daemons turn 3...beginning of the end!

Epi's tally kicks in at 21 wounds so the entire army now has +1ST, +1T and killing blow. Plague Drones charge the raiders again and make it, I stand and shoot doing nothing. I would have just fled off the board but they might have been able to redirect into the flank of my Gor horde. Guo repositions again to try and get a Plague wind thru my bestigors. magic roll is a 10, Daemons gains +1 to their ward save. This turn is going to be rough! GUO casts Curse of the Leper on the Bestigors. I have to let it go thru. Besti's are now T1. He then goes for the Plague wind but he just barely casts it and I'm able to dispel it, whew! He also tries fleshy abundance on the Beasts of Nurgle but I dispel that also with boxcars. Epi makes way to fight now since he's all jacked up now but only kills 1 bestigor. The PB's kill 1 and the palanquin only kills 1. Beastlord does 3 wounds to the PB's but they make all their saves at 4+. Bestigors swing on Epi and cause 4 wounds YAY but he saves 3 of them only taking 1 wound. The Pb's lose combat 4-5. Their testing on an 8 and pass easily. They also pass their reform test and turn to face the Bestigors. The ambush Gors again manage to sneak 1 wound on the Soulgrinder (1 left) but it senses it's doom and causes another 8 wounds total. Gors lose combat but are steadfast on 7 and they make it. The Gor horde does 2 wounds to the Beasts of nurgle removing another model. The beasts do 3 back to the Gors. They lose 3-6 testing on a 6. They roll a 7 and take another wound. The raiders do 0 wounds to the Plague Drones and are wiped out by them. They reform to face the flank/rear of my Gor horde.

Beasts turn 4

Everyone is in combat fighting for their lives. My lvl 4 shaman IF's a boosted soulblight...GREAT! Miscast roll is a 4! 11 Gor die in the backlash and my Shaman gets sucked into the void! NOOOOOO! My beast Shaman attempts a boosted Amber spear at the GUO but fails by 1. Ambush Gors do 2 wounds this time to the Soulgrinder BUT he makes all his saves due to the bonus ward save. More Gors die but they're still steadfast and manage to hold on a 7. The Bestigors do 1 wound to Epi but he saves it. Beastlord kills 2 PB's. I lose by 1 but hold on a steadfast 10. My BSB makes way in the Gor horde to contribute to the fight and does 1 wound to the Beasts of Nurgle, Gors do another wound which removes a model. They do no wounds back. Gors win by 5. Beasts of Nurgle roll a 10 and pop. I reform the Gors for ranks and turn to face the Plague Drones.

Daemons turn 4

GUO charges flank of Bestigors and the Plague drones charge the now free Gors. Magic is a 10 again, another +1 to the Daemons saves this turn. I channel 1 dice. GUO IF's Curse of the Leper on my Bestigors, they lose -2T. Miscast is a 6, GUO takes a wound and loses 1 dice from the pool. he then casts Plague Wind (barely) but my lvl 2 is able to dispel it. Epi/GUO/PB's do 9 wounds total to the Bestigors. The Beastlord/Bestigors swing back and put 2 more wounds on Epi (1 left) and leaves only the PB champion alive in the unit. The Bestigors lose combat by 5, break and get run down by Epi's unit. The GUO reforms to face the rear of Gor horde. Ambush Gors do 0 wounds to the Soulgrinder and the Soulgrinder only manages 2 wounds back. Gors lose by 1 and are still steadfast but they fail their roll and flee 7 inches. Sougrinder pursues for 11 and runs down the Gors. The horde Gors pass their primal fury on snake eyes! They gain frenzy!!! My BSB swings and does 0 wounds. The Gors do 4 wounds but 3 are saved. The riders do 0 wounds back BUT the Drones do 8 wounds total! Drones win combat 10-4 but my Gors are steadfast on an 8. They roll boxcars on the first roll but pass on the reroll from the BSB.

Beasts turn 5

No movement this turn. All I have left is the horde Gors, BSB and 3 Shamans. Magic is 6 (4-2) after bonus and channel its 10-4. The lvl 1 Shaman tries to Spirit Leech the Soulgrinder and gets it with IF but it does no wounds. The miscast kills the Shaman and drains the rest of the pool. My BSB does 1 wound to a Drone and the Gors do 4 more but they make 3 saves...still its enough to remove a model. The Drones kill 8 more Gors and win combat 9-4 but Gors are still steadfast and pass on an 8.

Daemons turn 5

The GUO charges the rear of the Gor unit and the Soulgrinder moves to target the remaining shamans at the Herdstone. Magic was 7 but he opts to not risk casting this turn. The Soulgrinder grapeshots my Shaman with Amber Spear and inflicts 1 wound. The Gors do 0 wounds this turn and are completely wiped out by the Plague Drones and the GUO.

Beasts turn 6

Well, I only have 2 Shamans left and they're both sitting on 1 wound each. Magic is a 5 and I decide to throw it all into a boosted Amber Spear targeting the Soulgrinder. I cast it successfully but I get it with IF again!!! Good news is it claims the last wound from the Soulgrinder. The miscast result claims his last wound but at least he goes out with style!

Daemons turn 6

The GUO marches toward the last wounded Shaman seeking revenge for his pet Soulgrinder. Magic is a 5...Storm of Fire and guess what happens next? I roll a 6 for the Shaman! Tzeencth decides to flip off the GUO and claims the last wound from the Shaman denying him his revenge. GUO curses at the sky....GAME OVER!!!

22-10-2013, 23:51
So the end result was a massacre loss for my Beastmen. I felt I played a good game. I may have made a better showing if was able to strip the last wound from Epidemius and the kill the last model from the 2nd Plague Bearer unit. So close! The one lesson I did learn was with Spirit Leech. I didn't benefit much from my generals LD due to him being so far away from the Herdstone. Next time it'll be behind my main lines and I'll keeping casting as long as I can. I know most people loathe the ambushing rule but in this game it was a huge help. I'll always have at least 1 Gor unit in ambush. I found a new gaming group so look forward to some new reports. Any feedback appreciated...Thanks for reading!

23-10-2013, 10:46
Only thing i can add is that the cygor is pretty sub-optimal. But since you have it...prio your rocks at epidemus as its alot easier to kill then the GUO. (no look out sir, other trooptype) and the tallybonus is nasty.

23-10-2013, 13:01
Yeah, I know it's not everyone's favorite model (points wise) but I have the model, I like the model and I get to do something in the shooting phase. It's been on the shelf for a while but it has done some amazing things for me in game. Also I'm kicking myself in the butt for not thinking of targeting Epidemius with him. I know the rules, I know how he works but yeeeahhh...that was a huge BRAINFART!!!