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23-10-2013, 19:41
So thinking of starting a High Elf army, I chose to go 700p since I've not been playing for a long time and wanted to start of small (much easier on my wallet as well).

So without further ado:


Nobel - 124p
Shadow Armour (to enable him to go with the White Lions)
Great weapon
Khain's Ring of Fury


20 Spearmen 200p Musician Standard bearer

5 Silver helms 115p Shields

5 Ellyrian Reavers 95p Bows


10 White Lions 165p (chose WL instead of Swords Masters for survivability)
Musician, Standard bearer
Banner of swiftness

Totalt 699p

I've thought about passing over the Reavers in favor of a Great Eagle as chaff, that would free up some points for more Spearmen or Silver Helms.
(Hopefully I haven't miscounted the points for the units.)

So what do you think? Is this a viable list to start of with?


24-10-2013, 12:16

U don't need shadow armour to put the noble in with the white lions, u only need shadow armour to scout and white lions don't scout.

Your quite core heavy which is generally bad with high elves but otherwise looks like a good starter force.

24-10-2013, 12:21
Thanks for the tip, I gave the Noble shadow armour for thr strider rule, but perhaps he getd that by just beeing with the White Lions?

As for the core heaviness I've concidered dropping the spearmen and instead add to the white lions and perhaps add a great eagle or Bolt Thrower

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25-10-2013, 13:16
You could give the noble the strider rule but for a 25 point item, it isn't really worth it. There's far better armour choices than that.

More white lions and a bolt thrower would be useful, as for the eagle, they are very useful and an almost must (in my eyes at least) in bigger games but at 700 points when u already have reavers I'd say spend the 50 points elsewhere.

25-10-2013, 19:29
I'd drop the helms and armour for more lions.
If your not playing with your local gaming groups sort of 'set' points limit I would probably make it up to 800 for easier percentages.
I like mages over nobles but ymmv.

25-10-2013, 22:38
Thanks for the tips guys, I don't have to have 700p for any other reason then that I would like to start of small and familiarize myself with the rules.
Anyways, I've revised the armylist and came up with this


Noble 99p (goes with white lions)
Heavy Armour, Great Weapon, Sheild, Lion cloak and Khain's Ring of Fury


5 Silver helms + Shields 115

5 Ellyrain Reaver + Bows 95p

10 Archers 100p


20 White Lions 285p Full command

Totalt: 694p

I feel quite happy with this list, I could drop the archers for a bolt thrower and then either beef up the WL further or add a Silver helm.

Tell me what you think :)

And thanks again for the help.

26-10-2013, 10:31
Looks good, for the remaining 5 points stick the 5 point, reroll 1 leadership test banner (forgotten it's name) on your white lions and your sorted.

26-10-2013, 19:24
Ok, so after some great advice from you guys and from a local Swedish forum I've made a final revision to the army list.
With this list I think I managed to make the Noble durable and hard hitting enough for 700p and I get a force with a presence in all phases of the game.
Now before I bore you all to death here's the list


Noble 130p (goes with WL)
Dragon Armour, Enchanted Shield, Sword of Might, Khain's Ring of Fury


Silver Helms + Shields 115

Ellyrian Reavers + Bows 95p


20 White Lions 290p
Full Command, Gleaming pennant


Repeater Bolt Thrower 70p

Totalt 700p

CC is more than welcome, as always :)

27-10-2013, 15:56
Looks good, should be competitive :)

27-10-2013, 22:37
Thank you, now I just have to get the miniatures :) I have some reavers coming my way in a couple of days :)