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24-10-2013, 00:01
(Can't access FAQ ATM)

Talking about ToK got me thinking, do a wizards inbuilt abilities apply when in monster mode? I know that magic equipment doesn't carry over but there was a lot of sneakiness with the vamps in their previous book with vamp powers- was thinking of a skink priest being cold blooded as a dragon? Or is he a regular...hot blooded dragon?

Also when you cast ToK get IF + the miscast to lose levels become level 0 and forget ToK, does the priest revert back straight away or stay as a monster just unable to cast it again should your opponent dispel next turn?

24-10-2013, 00:04
You do keep your innate special rules, just not special rules from magic items. I recall early in 8th that VC could have ethereal dragons, and High Elves were ASF Chimerae.

24-10-2013, 02:06
Does that mean a bray-shaman with primal fury which is part of his innate special rules turns himself into a mountain chimera he gets to reroll all of those attacks if he passes his leadership test?

Lord Inquisitor
24-10-2013, 03:52
Yup. My slaughter master keeps his immunity from poison and impact hits.

The most fun has to be a vampire with red fury and ASF. My record is 27 kills in one round of combat.

24-10-2013, 04:50
As a mountain chimera? Well, I guess that is over half the total kills you could get

29-10-2013, 00:48
All that matters is Primal Fury gets to be used with the Mtn. Chimera :)