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24-10-2013, 18:22
So I tried something crazy... I let my 5 year old daughter make my army list. I placed out all my models and let her pick the models/units while I did the math.

The tournament was four games and my goal was to win half of them. Will I do it? Follow the link to find out :)


This report is my favorite, as I take on Dan from Miniwargaming (now Codex dan):


25-10-2013, 10:42
It's like she hasn't even read the book dude.

:) No I watched them all, and it was kind-of-refreshing to see you do other stuff than your skew-lists (that's mostly what they are, right? Only using the term 'cause I heard it in one of your videos). Keep the good work up!

09-11-2013, 23:02
Very well done. I thought this was totally refreshing. So much more entertaining to watch than troll hordes and BO hordes... At the end of the day, you didn't finish that much worse than a tourny I watched of yours a while back.. I also think that there are better games at the lower tables. Well, perhaps not better, but perhaps there is more variety... Being the best General is great but at what cost? Your poor giant likes to play too :) SuperOrc also made a pretty good case for himself. He reminded me of a cowboy scarvet, but with so much more... Pizazzzzz..

12-11-2013, 10:05
Entertaining as always, I watch Malorian's videos religiously.

And naming your kid after She-Ra is a win.

18-11-2013, 22:23
Malorian - Hi. I'm an OnG player with about 25 games under my belt. I just watched a couple of your youtubes and want to know more about applying chess tactics to my strategy-deficient gameplans.

I play the bird-larson opening and always have at least ten games going on chess.com

I want to have a warhammer opening. In chess know what I'm going to for the first eight moves to counter whatever my opponent does. In warhammer I get tripped up during deployment before move one even takes place.

Also, I can't figure out how to apply forks, skewers and pins in warhammer. Is there a different set of tactical tools I should be considering?


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Bitten Black Sheep
12-12-2013, 18:43
Arrer Boyz

Its English Malorian. Essex / London area.
Short A then ruh. Same as Arrow but the row becomes ruh.

13-12-2013, 03:39
Don't you blame She-Ra for your list Malorian...lol

22-12-2013, 23:12
Watched the codexdan one, good game!
Crazy stuff indeed!