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24-10-2013, 20:08
I came into some High elves and I enjoyed painting a few. This is a list I through together for a good laugh. After looking at it again I wonder how it would do. Thoughts?

Archmage - 240
book of che... err Hoeth

Noble - 95
BSB - naked (refuse challenges and provides a re roll)

6 units of 5 Ellyrian Reavers - 510
Replacing Spears for Bows.

45 Sword Masters of Hoeth - 665
Full command, Banner of the world Dr... well this one is cheese.

2 Flamespyre Phoenix - 450

The idea is to play a slight game of MSU... with 6 Reavers, that is some good speed as well as nice harassment. Keep them from being redirected and try to stay out of charge

Mage will be in the Swordmasters unit for the lore (refuse challenges) casting nuke magic till they get there, and world walker if I'm lucky to roll it to get away from other units until I want to commit. the Noble will be hiding behind the block trying to stay out of charge, shooting ect.. getting the lookout sir for being close to the unit. (goal is not to die and give re roll... seams like a waste of 95 points until you fail a break test without a bsb)

Flamespyre Phoenix will try to double charge everything they can. focusing on ground troups for stomps (screwed if I play ogres)

Bulk of the army is protected by that cheesy banner, and when it comes time for close combat I hope the enemy is pretty beat up.

We'll see how it goes.

25-10-2013, 13:20
Should be interesting....you really wanna find some points to give your bsb some protection though. All your opponent has to do, is not challenge then target him with all the troops in base 2 base, t3 2 wounds ain't gonna keep him alive long against even the weakest for.

02-11-2013, 11:41
What walk said is true, and jesus thats a lot of points into Elyrian Reavers, they really dont hit cery well at all, but im sure you know what your doing.

And embrace the Banner of World Dragon, when your Swordmasters get charged by Chaos CORE chariots you'll soon realise that every army has cheese.

I Am Forsaken
02-11-2013, 20:44
Also I believe if you refuse a challenge and your opponent sends the BSB off to the back ranks you lose your rerolls.

02-11-2013, 20:57
The SM champion can accept the challenge - allowing the BSB to survive a bit longer and attack enemy rank and file (and provide the LD re roll).