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24-10-2013, 21:18
What it says on the tin. Not built for winning (as you'll see...), but themed around an initial push to gain territory.

Comments and criticism is more than welcome!

Black Ark Fleetmaster - 205
-Black Dragon egg

Supreme Sorceress - 265 - Dark
-Level 4-Talisman of Preservation

Lokhir Fellheart - 235

Sorceress - 115 - Shadow
-Level 2

Master - 107
-Heavy Armour
-Sea Dragon Cloak

32 x Corsairs - 397
-Addition Hand Weapon
-Standard of Discipline

5 x Dark Riders - 130
-Repeater Crossbows

15 x Dreadspears - 145

10 x Shades - 200
-Great Weapons

Repeater Bolt Thrower - 70

War Hydra - 180
-Fiery Breath

Kharibdyss - 160

5 x Doomfire Warlocks - 125

10 x Sisters of Slaughter - 170


I think i need more Corsairs. A couple of units of handbows would do it... Sisters and the Level 2 are under consideration for the chop...


28-10-2013, 10:45
Well here's what I can think of

1. Black Ark Fleet Master

Really wouldn't take him if I were you. You'd be much better off with a Dreadlord who has much better base stats and more Magic Item Allowance. However, if you have your heart set on him I'd kit him out a bit differently. Right now that Black Dragon Egg is only good for you sort of winning one fight, or at least surviving one round till it wears off and your Corsairs stop being unbreakable. There are a few better combinations you could consider:

First of all there's just giving him the good old Armor of Destiny which would increase his Armor Save and give him a nice Ward Save, greatly increasing his survivability. Then there's taking the Potion of Strength and kitting him out with a Tailismen of Endurance for a 5+ Ward Save, and finally you could give him a healing potion to try and keep him alive and give him the Dragonhelm so he can at least tank units with flaming attacks.

2. Magic

Ok right now your list isn't going to benefit a lot from either your Shadow Mage or your Dark Magic Sorceress. Shadow Magic's best abilities are to lower enemy toughness and to cast Mind Razor. Dark Magic's main selling points are giving you an extra point of strength for Power of Darkness and being able to cut enemy units away from their generals leadership as well as their bsb's rerolls. Unfortunatly your lvl 2 mage is going to have trouble getting off Mind Razor and your lvl 4 Dark Magic Sorceress isn't going to do much for the army.

What you could do though is give the LvL 4 Sorceress the Lore of Shadow so at least you'll have better odds of getting Mind Razor and you'll have an easier time getting off those spells. Then give the Lore of Dark Magic or the Lore of Beast to your Lvl 2 Sorceress so you can boost a unit's toughness and strength still.

Another thing you can cosider is giving both of your Sorceresses the Lore of Beaster. Reason for this is your Fleetmaster and Lokhir need to get into combat and don't have a lot of hitting power on their own. However, the Lore of Beasts can change that easily and turn both of them into living death machines. Virtually all the spells except for Flock of Doom will work well with your army and have some nice synergy with what you've built.

3. More Magic Item Changes

Your Supreme Sorceress could benefit from either having her Tailismen of Protection upgraded to a Black Amulet (allowing her to do better in Close Combat) or a Sac Dagger if she plans on staying with that bunker of Dreadspears. Then she can get some extra dice to get spells off. Also you can give your BSB the Dragon Helm for an extra bit of armor to bring him to 2+ save.

4. More Corsairs

Right now your unit of Dreadspears really isn't helping you a whole lot. It's a weak bunker for your mages and possibly dagger food. However, what you could do is reduce the one unit of Corsairs from 32 to about 28, then drop the Dread Spears, and the Sisters of Slaughter. That should give you enough for another horded unit of Corsairs. Then each unit can be led by someone with the "Unbreakable if in a Challenge Rule". As for your sorceresses, you can give both a 4+ ward save and the one you give the Black Amulet too can actually help you in Close Combat.

5. Shades

You might want to consider breaking up your shades into 2 units of 5. That will allow you to cover more ground and have a better shot of taking down enemy artillery.

Anyways I hope that helps.