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24-10-2013, 21:36
I am playing in a couple tournies coming up and was trying to do something other than a 4x scream terrorgheist list

Lord - 200

Heroes - 522
Mannfred the acolyte

quickblood HA SH +1 attack sword (think he can take with points but not positive)

HA SH Scroll and forbidden lore beasts (wyssans)

Core - 785

2x 30 Ghouls

33 Skeletons

Special 863

Corpse cart

6 Horrors

35 GG
FC Barrows

2 x spirit hosts

Rare 625

2x terrorgheists

This comes to 2995

basically I want this army to be flexible

Has enough attacks to deal with hordes

Has some heavy hitters to deal with monsters and Heavy Cav/Infantry and tarpits to slow them down.

"flyers" to deal with war machines and other little surprises around the board

Plenty of magic

Corpse cart to maybe take away some elfy re-rolls.

I am thinking of dropping one terrorgheist and beefing up all around the list with 2 more spirit hosts and some more GG and Horrors

Any thoughts?

24-10-2013, 22:19
I like the list... I think ghouls are underrated in the VC list.. Plus I think they look awesome.. I see what you're trying to
do with the list but one thing I am noticing is no blender lord... He really does mulch through combats although tough to see what you could drop.. I also love vargulfs, i think they work so much better as a duo.. Tandem vargulfs can tear through most things..

I like manfred a lot, but he doesn't really shine unless he is chewing through monstrous infantry.. in most other cases a stock blender lord is better..

I think the GG are good at 35

26-10-2013, 13:37
I was trying to avoid blender lord and ghoul king on terrorgheist as I see them far too often. I was hoping that I would have enough hitting power and maneuverability to get good combat res. maybe a cheapo blender lord would work.

Lord vamp
Quick blood
Ogre blade
Heavy armor
Enchanted shield

Even then he is almost 400 pts...