View Full Version : Killing Blow from shooting or magic missiles?

25-10-2013, 13:44
After double checking the brb I found that killing blow only works for attacks in close combat. However this is in the Empire FAQ on GW website:

"Q: If a Witch Hunter is equipped with a magic item such as the

Ring of Volans or the Ruby Ring of Ruin, will any bound spell

effects/magic missiles retain the Killing Blow special rule against

the target of the Witch Hunterís Accusation rule? (p37)

A: Yes."

So are GW contradicting themselves or does killing blow work for magic missiles from a witch hunter and no one else? Also how would this affect the witch hunter's shooting attacks?

25-10-2013, 14:40
Well, Wood Elf Waywatchers have Killing Blow on their shooting attacks at short range, if that helps?

25-10-2013, 14:45
Pretty sure that is a special rule just for them though.

25-10-2013, 14:49
Killing Blow
Unless otherwise specified, killing blow only applies to close combat attacks.

And from the witch hunters accusation rules
Every hit he inflicts on that model also have the Killing Blow special rule, even if they were from a shooting attack.

So he gets it, even if the hits were from shooting attacks as his rules state they do.

25-10-2013, 15:59
I know it's a special rule for them, I was just giving that as an example of killing blow being available outside of combat.

29-10-2013, 05:12
ruby ring is not a shooting attack though, it is magic.

29-10-2013, 06:52
ruby ring is not a shooting attack though, it is magic.

Yea, it is kind of a weird thing to allow in a FAQ. Couldn't rly believe it

Especially as it can get weird with ceratin spells that Ring of Volans grants

Personally I don't take either item on my witch hunter when I field them. I'm not condemning anyone for magic missile shenanigans, but it will spark more discussion and grumbling than it is worth

29-10-2013, 18:15
is the ring of volans an enchanted item? If it is you cannot take it and the ruby ring due to the 'balance of power' rule

Spiney Norman
31-10-2013, 18:30
ruby ring is not a shooting attack though, it is magic.

I guess they figured it was a fairly meaningless distinction since you can only accuse a character of heresy and any character that has joined a unit cannot be targeted by the rings magic missile, and any character that is not infantry or cavalry cannot be affected by killing blow anyway. So the only models that can be KB'd by the ruby ring are infantry/cavalry characters outside of units, which in my experience are pretty rare since they gave monster-mounted character immunity from KB.