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06-06-2006, 17:47
Taken from: http://www.mongoosepublishing.com/forum.php

Starship Troopers (TMG)
- Skyhook first
- TAC in September (YAY!)
- Slingshot third and Viking fourth
- Turbofan foil thingy from the series and the Gecko are going to be done

Upcoming releases:
- WASP Pathfinders in September
- Sprites – Metal, released late 2006
- LAMI Officers – Box set
- Specialized Marauders – Still on drawing board (something about chickens with big frickin' lasers on their heads)

- After the current run of new releases, they will have a break until next year

- Skymasters (working title) – early next year; small aerial vehicles; new army type (ie new army leader) and new unit
- greens for the Slaves look nice
- plan to make slaves from more races

The Fourth:
- Fenos – basic troop (two legged), plastic, size 2
- Biansen – crab/spider, metal
- Fenirs – command model (two legged), metal
- one action when out of command range
- highly flexible units
- 20-25 types of weapons for hardpoints plus accessories
- will have a weapons accessory pack

Essential Updates 2007: (This will be a yearly update book (think Chapter Approved).)
- LAMI with Longbows will also have Moritas
- Pathfinder officers get access to WASPS
- Revisions to cover, splitting fire, and tunneling
- Sniper rifles won't affect buildings
- New engagement matrix (Yay!)
- New units: Snipers, Sentry guns, Vet squads, Recruits (upcoming scenario in S&P — think bugs attacking a LAMI training camp)
- New lists: Engineers (w/ new models), Skinnie skymasters, Rebel colonies
- Complete campaigns
- MI company organizations
- Skinnie tribes
- Tactics

Future stuff:
- new versions of MI officers and Skinnie leaders
- Queen bug
- Races 5 and 6: (both working titles)
- The Coven (2007): Race of psychic matriarchs; shielding talents; talents focused into the army; anti-grav technology (psychic based)
- Species 472 (late 2007): Cyborg race; capture slaves and turn them into cyborgs (Borg-esk?), then force them to fight for them
- Derivative games (2007)
- ex: Judge Dread mass combat

B5 (don't play, so not as much info)
Armagedon - Crusade era
- higher priority level
- bigger, nastier ships
- spread of higher/better technology
- new time-based earth fleet list
- Ancients – very powerful, not for tournaments
- Shadows and Vorlons – more powerful/hideous

Victory at Sea
-based on ACTA with tweeks (weather, night, other stuff they don't have in space)
- will add a to-hit roll (not as accurate as lasers in space)
- campaign system in the rulebook

Age of Conan
Mass battle system or skirmish game?
Pre-painted (non-collectable; well painted) or traditional metal/plastic?
Not much info other than it's in the early stages

Other projects
- Block War
- B5 novels due out in Oct/Nov
- will push forward the timeline
- going to finish the Crusades and move onward
- also publishing Tech Journals
- Stalingrad
- more than one year out
- working on how to do cover, moral
- will be focused on infantry, but will include tanks
- Rorke's Drift
- on the drawing board
- 25mm
- all-in-one box; will include all the figs for both sides and terrain for the battle

––––Q&A Section––––

Mighty Armies:
- low popularity, so low priority at the moment
- nothing much going on with it right now; will come back to it in a year or two

Judge Dread:
- two new films coming out
- waiting on them for the next big step
- plastic models after the films?
- new stuff to concentrate on the judges instead of the perps?

ACTA plastic ships? ~1 year away

SST metal skimmers:
- will have a ball-and-socket joint to avoid breakage

SST air units:
- new type of stand
- tripod about 1 foot high with ball-and-socket top

SST novels? - No. Can't get license right now.

Fourth will get a weapons accessory pack, will look into it for the other races (shocksticks were a point of discussion for this one).

Skyhook will come with decals

New races will be incorporated into the RPG

SST Spacecraft - maybe, depending on the new races

Something about a tunnel fighting game/supliment based on the Advances Space Crusade rules

6 or 10 mm version of SST - many years away

Victory at Sea - will include both Atlantic and Pacific fleets; will include planes

Large scale models/resin models? - not right now; no resin capabilities and not looking into them

Clear plasma bug? - still working on it; easy to make, but want to make it a complete package, including a lighting system