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27-10-2013, 07:31
I am keen to start a Beastman army and was wondering if a list like this would be a good direction to head in. I want to utilize the herdstone for all those extra powerdice so I can really dominate the magic phase.

With scouting harpies, ungor raiders and 3 chariots it should give me enough chaff to control the movement phase and allow my hordes to reach combat.

Anyway criticisms and comments are greatly appreciated.

+++ beastmen (2396pts) +++
+++ 2400pt Beastmen Roster (Standard)) +++


Beastmen (Standard) Selections:

+ Lords + (577pts)

* Beastlord (248pts)
Armour of Destiny, Gouge-tusks, Ironcurse Icon, Shield, The Brass Cleaver

* Great Bray-Shaman (329pts)
Additional hand weapon, Crown of Command, Jagged Dagger, Talisman of Preservation, Wizard Level 4

+ Heroes + (506pts)

* Bray-Shaman (75pts)
Wizard Level 1

* Bray-Shaman (125pts)
Shard of the Herdstone, Wizard Level 1

* Bray-Shaman (100pts)
Dispel Scroll, Wizard Level 1

* Wargor (206pts)
Battle Standard Bearer, Gnarled Hide, Heavy armour, Shield, The Beat Banner

+ Core + (785pts)

* Gor Herd (401pts)
Foe-render, Musician, Standard Bearer
* 47x Gor
47x Additional hand weapon

* Tuskgor Chariot (80pts)

* Tuskgor Chariot (80pts)

* Tuskgor Chariot (80pts)

* Ungor Herd (88pts)
Musician, 17x Ungor

* Ungor Raiders (28pts)
Musician, 5x Ungor Raiders

* Ungor Raiders (28pts)
Musician, 5x Ungor Raiders

+ Special + (528pts)

* Bestigor Herd (388pts)
Banner of Eternal Flame, 29x Bestigor, Gouge-horn, Musician, Standard bearer

* Harpies (70pts)
* 5x Harpies
5x Scout

* Harpies (70pts)
* 5x Harpies
5x Scout

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27-10-2013, 08:02
As good as a Beastmen list is ever going to get, this should do alright if played well. Perhaps there's something to be said for originality in a list but unfortunately Beasts have rather few options if they don't want a good hiding.

27-10-2013, 08:48
Gorgon and cygor belong in a 2400 list , it's a sign of virility!

if you can find the points might be good idea to buy the chalice of dark rain , I actually beat a pure gun line empire army ( 10 war machines I'm talking here) because of this beauty . Was running the old gorgon and giant too :)
its perfect to taking the sting out of your opponents shooting just before you crash in the charge