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28-10-2013, 02:30
So I didn't know this but if you fail to dispel, you cannot dispel with that wizard again. So if you fail to dispel with your lvl 4 then you can't dispel with him again that phase. So further attempts to dispel would be on a lvl 2. I dunno I didn't know that. Did you guys know this?

28-10-2013, 02:45

Just like casting spells, also a roll of 1 or 2 on the dice is always a fail (broken concentration) additionally if you tried to skimp on points and gave your lvl4 a dispel scroll and he should break concentration he wouldn't be able to use the scroll either.

Sir Didymus
28-10-2013, 03:56
And if you got 6 levels of spellcasters in your army, you're undoubtedly wasting some points :)

28-10-2013, 04:56
And if you got 6 levels of spellcasters in your army, you're undoubtedly wasting some points :)

Light Councils would like a word with you.

In fact IMO a backup wizard is generally a good idea, precisely because of the topic of this thread for one thing, not to mention the offensive casting counterpart.

Then you know, sometimes your Level 4 just dies, and with no one else to use power dice they're a huge wasted resource. You can do a lot worse than a Level 1/2 just six-dicing boosted Fireball or something.

28-10-2013, 05:25
At 2500 points 6 levels of casters is pretty standard.

I like to run a level 4 and two level 1's

29-10-2013, 18:57
And if you got 6 levels of spellcasters in your army, you're undoubtedly wasting some points :)

My 2500 Tomb Kings bring 11 levels plus Light of Death from the Casket and extra Shems and Spirit leech from the Hierotitan for a cheeky 14 spells :)

It might sound like overkill but really its a level 4 Nehek (mandatory), level 4 Light with his 3 cheerleaders.


@the OP, if you didn't know that rule then you've probably been playing dispel scrolls wrong as well. If you've previously failed a dispel you can't use the scroll later in the phase - it's why most players put the scroll on their support caster.

Sir Didymus
29-10-2013, 19:41
I find that a Lvl 4 or perhaps 2 Lvl 2 are more than adequate. There simple aren't enough dice to make use of more :)

29-10-2013, 19:53
True, but Tomb Kings are fairly unique in their ability to generate dice. 5 casters + earthing rod + casket tends to generate 2-4 bonus dice per phase, giving an average 8-11 dice per phase. Each caster then also add +D3 to their casting roll, averaging +2 to every casting attempt. Including the bound spells you can:

Normally you can cast something like: 1 dice bound shems, 2 dice casket, 1 dice shems x 3, banishment. Which is quite a lot of ranged damage per turn and then mix it up when the fighting starts with the Nehek and Light buffs. It's quite effective and overwhelms most magic defence (who will only have 3-5 dice).

29-10-2013, 20:33
I'm pretty sure you can still attempt a dispel if all your mages failed but no modifiers obviously.

As for mage levels I'm a big fan of several low level casters, allows you to run multiple schools :D

30-10-2013, 03:53
That's dispelling with your army, you can obviously do that as much as you want no matter if you roll 1-2.