View Full Version : 2250pts Dark Elves - Featuring Malekith the Witch King

28-10-2013, 10:47

Malekith the Witch King on a Cold One: 535pts


Death Hag: 380pts
- Cauldron of Blood
- BattleStandard
- Witch Brew
- Armed with the Obsidian Blade (No Armor Saves against her attacks)

Sorceress: 165
- Lore of Life
- Lvl 2
- Ring of Hotek


28 Witch Elves - 348pts
- Banner of Eternal Flame (Flaming Attacks)

5 Dark Riders with a Muician - 110pts

5 Dark Riders with a Muician - 110pts


17 Executioners - 204 pts

8 Cold One Knights - 275pts
Gleaming Pendant Banner - Reroll first failed leadership test

5 Shades with Great Weapons - 90pts


1. General Strategy: In the army there are 3 units that are each a major threat on their own. Hoarded Witch Elves with the Cauldron of Blood and a Hag that ignores armor, a good sized block of Cold One Knights that are led by Malekith, and finally we have 17 Executioners who have a mage with them that can give them Regeneration on a 5+. Each of these units are good on their own and the Cold One Knights as well as the Executioners benefit greatly from gaining Frenzy from the Cauldron of Blood.

Basically I plan to move these units up against their prefered targets while making the Cold Ones and my Executioners Frenzy. Covering the advance will be my Dark Riders and Shades which should take out enemy warmachines and other chaff.

2. Magic Strategy: Malekith has a cool ability that allows him to add one extra D6 to any spell attempt he fails at, once per magic phase. So basically I can low ball the amount of dice I need to cast a spell, then if I fail, I get another D6. Pretty nifty and it allows me to spam out spells on low power dice without too much risk. Then there's my other wizard which should get out Regeneration on the Executioners. Both of these should drain enough of the enemies dispel dice pool that I should be able to get off Frenzy from the Cauldron of Blood or I should get some nice spells through as my enemy conserves his dispel dice.

3. Magic Defense: All three of my main threat units have a tremendous amount of magic defenses. The Witch Elves with the Cauldron have Magic Resistance that gives them an effective 3+ Ward Saves against Magic, The Ring of Hotek provides 3 Magic Resitence and increases the odds of a miscast for the enemy, and Malekith gets a free dispel dice as well as cool ability of causes D6 Strength 6 hits against any wizard whom he dispels a spell that was targeting him.

It's still in the thoery hammer phase of my schemeing, but I think it has a lot of redundancy and should do well against most other tournament lists. What do you guys think?