View Full Version : Mark of nurgle and glittering scales

28-10-2013, 16:19
Do the two stack for a -2 to hit in CC? I came up with this build after watching a batrep this morning and wanted to hear your thoughts.

Chaos Lord with mark of nurgle with a shield on a barded deamonic mount
Magic items: glittering scales, talisman of preservation, and sword of might
Chaos gifts: Scaled skin, acid ichor, soul feeder, and nurgles rot

So he should be rather tough to kill with T5, a -2 to be hit, soulfeeder, and a 1+/4++ save

What problems do you all think he would run into on the battlefield that I am overlooking?

28-10-2013, 16:24
Yes they should stack. It looks like a solid build and only the usual culprits (like a sniping cannon ball to the face) come to mind to watch out for.

28-10-2013, 16:43
No problem, other than not enough points for a level 4 in many games, which may be dangerous against lore of metal or lore of death. And well, possibly a frustrated opponent stomping your model. I've seen it played a couple times, and the only thing that makes it less frustrating than the 1+/3++ reroll 1s Lord is that this one doesn't fly.

28-10-2013, 17:00
Haha, I don't ever take an opponent stomping my models into consideration but the mental image I got from that made my day.