View Full Version : Quick question about combat reform

Invincible Sword Goddess
29-10-2013, 00:29
Can a combat reform be used to move a single model into contact with fewer enemies?

For example, if I have a single monster fighting a unit, can I combat reform so that it is only clipping a single enemy diagonally?

If the answer is no, what happens if I have a model on a rectangular base (for example a chariot or a HE dragon) has been charged in the flank, and I want it to turn to face his enemy? It cannot straighten out without decreasing the number of enemies it is touching, so is it stuck flanked forever or what?

Sorry if the answer has already been posted somewhere, but I can't find anything. Thanks!

Lord Inquisitor
29-10-2013, 00:50
No, you can never reduce enemy models in contact.

The second question is a good one though and needs an FAQ. Technically the answer is "no" but many people play that it is acceptable to reduce enemy models in contact by as little as possible in this specific case.

Invincible Sword Goddess
29-10-2013, 02:14
Ok, that's what I thought, I just hoped there was something I was missing, as it seems really weird that a rectangular base means you can't turn to face a flanker.

To further clarify though, is it on a per model basis or a total combatant basis? Do the above questions change if full units are involved rather than lone models?

For example, could I move a character to the edge of a unit so they were personally engaged to fewer enemies so long as the total number of combatants was unchanged?

Or, if I had two ranks of cavalry charged in the flank, could I turn to face the enemy, thereby increasing the total number of models engaged, but reducing the number of models a given horseman is fighting?

Lord Inquisitor
29-10-2013, 14:59
It is on a total combatant basis - the rule is that you can't have less models engaged, that's all.

So that's a yes to both of your examples. :)