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MD Vampires
30-10-2013, 13:10
I am in a game next week against Dark Elves, which is part of a friendly club tournament I have entered. All battles are 800 points.

I have only been playing a few months and been doing ok, picking up a few wins and a fair share of losses.

My opponent is very good and experienced and will either put out a big shooty list with bolt throwers and xbows or a list containing Cold ones and Corsairs.

My Army list is:
1 Master Necromancer Lv3 with Master of the Dead and the Staff of Stability

1 Corpse Car with Spear & Balefire
1 Grave Guard Seneschal
1 Grave Guard Musician
1 Grave Guard Standard Bearer
7 Grave Guard

1 Skeleton Warriors Champion in light Armour & Shield
1 Skeleton Warriors Musician in light Armour & Shield
1 Skeleton Warriors Standard Bearer in light Armour & Shield
23 Skeleton Warriors in light Armour & Shield
1 Crypt Ghast
17 Crypt Ghouls

Total Points 796

Any suggested changes to the list above?

Any suggestions on tactics?

Any advice will be very gratefully received!!!

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