View Full Version : Dark Elves first stab 3k

31-10-2013, 15:49
Lvl4 Sorc (Dark) w/4+ ward, Power Stone, Iron Curse Icon
20 Corsairs w/Handbows and full command

30 WE w/Razor Std and full command

Lvl2 Sorc w/Dispel Scroll
20 Darkshards w/shields, flaming std, and musician

BSB Master w/CO, Dawnstone. Trickerster's, Halberd, Hvy Armor, Cloak.
8 CoK w/Full Command

20 Executioners w/Full command and the Swiftness Banner

2 x Repeaters

6 Shades w/RxB, 2 CCW, and a Bloodshade

2 x Medusas

2 units of 6 Doomfire Warlocks

Total 2992 so far with a little room to juggle. I'm pondering Beasts or Shadow for the Lvl2. Opinions?