View Full Version : skinks vs a high elf flying circus 2400 points

01-11-2013, 01:32
Last night I trialled my all skink and dino lizardmen army vs sandstorms budgies of doom.

his list was roughly i think:

Anointed on Frost Phoenix
Caradryan on Ashtari
Noble BSB on Great Eagle

Silver Helm dart(3x3)
Silver Helm dart(3x3)

5 reavers
5 Reavers

Tiranoc Chariot
Tiranoc Chariot

Great Eagle
Great Eagle

Frostheart Phoenix
Frostheart Phoenix

my list was:

Slann, loremaster, 3 dice channeling, staff +1 to channel, bsb- +1 banner

4x10 skink cohort, muso
5x10 skink skirmishers

9 chammie skinks
3 baby stegs, sharp horns
2 bastilodons

1 ancient steggie, horns

Looking across from my squishy skink set up at all the cav and all the flying monsters of ridiculous doom I thought..."ah crap, I may kill 1... for the loss of my army." What a terrible matchup.

he went first and moved everything up which I was happy with as now with marching my skinks could throw darts and whittle away some wounds. My plan was to shoot and then use stand and shoot vs the birds and flee for other things.

So the left flank is loaded with budgies and the right flank is loaded with cav and chariots. oh great...

I will sum it up as:

Movement Phases
Very impressed with how mobile my skirmishers and dinos are. with javs they were very handy. could really mob individual birds with 3 units for shooting. his high movement meant that since as I couldn't retreat, I might as well get close and shoot.

Slann never really did much. I was out of position but really S6 vs T3 really means that buffs or debuffs do little on my skinks. even the hand on a steggies WS could at best make it the same WS. magic missiles were bouncing off the budgies too.
The bassie did little with magic as they were targeting the birds and I kept rolling the D6 S3 wounds result.

I lost apotheosis and walk and received chain lightning and the death default spell. he stopped the chain lightning with Ld9 the death snipe did nothing.

my shooting whittled away wounds but never killed anything until late in the game. Sandstorm made a lot of 5+ saves and it was killing me. a classic moment was a skink unit standing and shooting a budgie and killing it before it got to them. take that evil budgie!

my giant bows did nothing the whole game, either missing or not wounding. even with hand of glory for BS.

I was surprised at how long a bassie can hold up vs a heavy cav charge. as it was the cav were run down in the end when 10 skinks and another bassie came to its aid in the flank.
Sharpened horns is a great leveller on an ancient steggie and pointed at a monster. In one phase I charged a chariot, obliterated that then over ran into a budgie. blew that up and over ran into a second budgie but couldn't kill it. I will point out that budgie number 2 was locked up with a bassie it couldn't kill.

skinks did what skinks do and hid in forests to force dangerous terrain tests and get steadfast. they also made a few good parry saves. they are immune to fear! by this I mean they hit budgies on 5s anyway so theres no difference.

I failed a few rolls by 1 which made me want to keep them closer to the slann but then they are only 60 or 70 point skink units... he had a bit of bad luck when his fleeing BSB from an ancient charge panicked his heavy cav off the table.

In the end the result was the following left on the table. we called it a draw but one more turn may have swung it in my favour.

I had:
ancient steggie
2 junior steggies
2 bassies or 1, cant remember
2 units of skink skirmishers

he had:
bsb on an eagle
lords budgie so didn't get the lords points. this was locked up with the ancient and a bassie so anyones guess

I really need to get a crown of stubborn in there on the slann. a flee by the slann bsb cost me dearly in points. I failed a ld test of 5 by 1 so he would have been ok otherwise. would have taken a draw to a major win.

The great bow and blow pipes is more icing on the steggie cake and not a reliable anti monster fire platform. I need to remember my own rules as for 4 turns I forgot that the dinos all have skinks with javs plus could fight in the combat. doesn't seem like much but on the junior steggie or the bassie, the skinks have the same chance to hit and wound the budgie. ie S5 and S4 goes to S4 and S3 vs T6. I counted that in forgotten attacks that I gave up about 20 attacks.

So far am happy with the result and will bring them to the party more often.