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01-11-2013, 17:06
Hi guys,

Some of you may have seen this elsewhere also but I'm going to be posting some of my games up with the daemons. Not got any tournaments till the end of January so it should give me plenty of practice with the MSU style. I made myself a few rules to be followed with army lists.

The lists I'm trying to use are ones that compete in every phase and make the opponent work for every point they want to get. With this in mind I set myself the following rules:
No units over 250pts
Minimum spend on characters
Lots of long charge potential
Lots of chaff/chaff clearing units.

01-11-2013, 17:07
Game 1 - Dan, Vampires

My List

Herald of Tzeentch, Metal

2x10 Horrors
11 Horrors
14 Horrors, Gleaming Pennant

2x3 Bloodcrushers
2x5 Seekers
2 Seeker Chariots
2 Single Beasts
3x5 Furies

2x3 Plague Drones
2 Khannons

There we go, 20 drops, lots of chaff and the crushers can really put down some hurt in the right situations.

Dan's List
Vampire Lord, Lv4, Flying, Beguile, trickters helm, GW (relies on the van hels for the rerolls)
Vampire, Lv2, Heavens, -1LD gift
Necro, Lv 2, Arkhan
2 Banshees

40ish Skellies
40ish Ghouls

8 Crypt Horrors
3x2 Fell Bats
Spirit Host


Not the nastiest list ever, Dan's been trying to use a nicer list down the club, but the -1ld gift combined with iceshard really can hurt with the screams.

Dan won first turn and pushed forwards as he didn't want me sitting back and blasting him with the khannons.

In my first turn I declared a lot of charges into the blocking fell bats with the furies and seeker chariots in the hope of gaining the initiative as quickly as possible. The 2 khannons took aim at the terrorghiest, and despite 1 of the blocked by crypt horrors they took it off.
All 3 fury units popped their respective bats and the overruns either blocked or hit the 3 infantry blocks. The seeker chariots held back to combine their charges with the khannon and flanking seekers in a later turn.

Dan's second turn was spent clearing the furies and position for the charges I was in position to launch.

In my turn one unit of seekers flanked the skellies and the seeker chariots and 1 khannon went in to help. The beasts moved up to block the ghouls and horrors having any impact. The rest of the army moved up and around in the hopes of getting some nice flank charges. After the dust settled I had killed both the banshees and most of the skellies, leaving just 5 of them plus the baby vampire and necro standing.

In Dan's turn the vampires decided to try and grab the game and the lord charged into the big skellie fight leaving the ghouls unable to charge. All the deamon units were popped but I did manage to finish off the skellies and necro, leaving just the 2 vampires to run around and cause trouble.

In my 3 I was able to get both the flies into the crypt horrors as the blocking beast had held with a wound left, one in the front and the others in the flank. The ghouls were also charged by seekers in the flank and a beast and bloodcrushers in the front. Magic was stopped and the khannon didn't shoot as I was fairly sure the vamps would have had flaming wards, turned out the lord didn't doh. Most of the crypt horrors were crumbled and the ghouls lost by a lot as well.

In Dan's turn he flanked the crushers with his baby vampire and the lord flew across to take out the one unit of flies. The baby vampire managed to pop all 3 units involved in the ghoul fight and the lord minced the flies he was fighting and overran into the beast. In my turn I was able to get the flies into the ghouls rear and a flanking crusher unit into the front. The remaining khannon was also able to get the lords flank, managing to pop the lord and effectively ending the game.

I knew exactly how much damage the banshees and terrorghiest would do to me if I let them so set out the neutralise them as quickly as possible, I think Dan gave me the advantage with giving me the fell bats fairly cheaply and not castling up as he may of done in a more serious game.

I was happy with how the list handled, the only problem I had was that the list didn't really have a shooting phase just the two khannons. I'm going to be dropping one of the plague drone units in favour of a burning chariot and changing the core around a little.

01-11-2013, 17:07
Game 2 V Ian with DoC

So a daemon off again at the club and with neither of us using lord choices there were a lot of bodies on the table.

My list:
Herald of Tzeentch (lead)
4 units of horrors (blue, pink, firestorm, gateway)
2x5 furies
3 single beasts
2x3 screamers
2x5 seekers
2 seeker chariots
5 ambushing hounds
2 khannons
2 burning chariots

Ian's List
Herald of Khorne, frenzy
Herald of Nurgle Gen, level 1, nurgle (+/- d3 T), regen
Herald of Slannesh, level 1, shadow (miasma), lesser locus
20 Bloodletters, Full Command
2x10 Bloodletters
2x10 Horrors (blue, blue)
30 Plaguebearers
Single beast
4 beasts
5 ambushing hounds

So there we go, a lot of daemons on the table. With the 2 regen units on the table I knew I was in for a tough time.

I deployed spread across the table, with the khannons and burning chariots hiding behind a hill and building. Ian focused his strength across the centre so it could spread out and move to either side as needed.

Ian won the first turn but nothing of significance happened. In my first turn I managed to sneak a flank charge on his slannesh herald with my van guarded seekers, Ian had thought her safe behind his block put I was able to clip her with 1 model. I also moved a unit of furies forwards to entice the frenzied large block of bloodletters to charge, it would allow me to put the seeker chariots and a burning chariot in. In the shooting phase the left burning chariot killed 2 bloodletters with a s2 pink fire, and the other targeted the plague bearers, I had forgotten their regen, fortunately it fell short. My cannons moved up and failed horribly to shoot Ian's cannon, the first rolling a 6 on misfire and the other blowing up! In combat the seekers popped the herald and overran into the flank of 10 bloodletters.

In Ian's turn he took the bait of the furies, believing the bloodletters could handle the chariots, he also bought his flesh hounds on to threaten the chariot and khannon on my right, I think they would have been better hunting horrors. Ian then rolled a 4 for magic and all the wards were reduced to 6+, meaning the chariots were better off, the seekers finished off the bloodletters and turned to face the drones on their flank.
In my turn all the chariots slammed into the letters and popped them all! I lost a wound on each seeker chariot and 3 wounds on the burning chariot from the herald. I sacrificed the burning chariot to allow the khannon a charge on the dogs the following turn.

Ian's turn 3 and I was really feeling the pressure now, while I was winning the chaff war his beasts and bearers were nearly in my deployment zone. Ian charged horrors into the wounded burning chariot, his khannon into a seeker chariot and the dogs into the burning chariot. A 7 saw the eye close and wards return to normal. All Ian's charges were successful and popped their targets.
In my turn I charged the remaining seeker chariot into the horrors who had just finished the burning chariot off, I won combat by 4, reducing the horrors to 3 men, Ian then rolled a double 1, this fight went on till the end of the game, with me piling 4 units in last turn to pop them. The khannon also charged and killed the 3 remaining dogs. Magic saw me gain a unit of 8 bloodletters, who positioned themselves to either charge the khannon or the other horror block who were hiding in a building.

In Ian's turn 4 he finally cleared my beasts and furies, I would now have to scatter and sacrifice horrors where needed. The screamers so far had done an okay job of slashing the solo beast and a unit of bloodletters on the left flank, but now Ian advanced towards my centre. Magic saw an 8 rolled, and my remaining khannon that was finally free to do its thing rolled a triple 6 and took 11 wounds. Ian's khannon had been charged the previous turn by my remaining seekers, and had now finished them off and manouvered to accept the charge from my ambushing hounds.
In my turn the hounds charged the khannon, and everything else scattered as much as possible. Blue fire did 5 S6 hits on the flies and took 3 wounds from them, adding to the 4 already taken earlier in the game. Gateway killed 7 bloodletters from the unit that was left and combat saw Ian's khannon reduced to 1 wound.

Ian's turn 5 saw the beasts finally get to my horror's, I'd managed to position 1 unit to block both them and the bearers, so they just reformed towards my centre. His remaining drone went into the khannon fight to try and save it which it did, they both now had 1 wound remaining. In my 5 I flanked the khannon with a unit of horrors, charged the 2 letters with 3 screamers and slashed the lone beast to death. Everything else ran away from the nurgle troops except a unit of horrors to block them. The horrors did me proud, putting 2 wounds on the cannon and killing it! The overrun got me the flank of the remaining drone.

In Ian's 6 he declared a charge with the bearers put failed, and the beasts got another horror unit, the drone lost combat by 1 and popped. In my final turn both screamer units and the 10 horrors charged into the 6 remaining horrors still fighting my seeker chariot. I popped them all but only just.

At the end of the game Ian had managed to kill 15 of my units, but I still had 2 horror units, the general, a seeker chariot and the screamers remaining. Ian had his plaguebearer block (I'd killed 1 of them) and his beast unit (I'd done 2 wounds to them). Totting up victory points we both scored around 1500, I was up by 140 so not quite the 150 needed for a small win.

I wasn't impressed with the screamers in the game to be honest, I was wary of putting them into units and being popped in a round. They finished off a unit of letters and slashed a beast in the game.
I also found out just how much I'm going to struggle against nurgle troops and that is without a GUO. Magic didn't really help me in this game, I rolled 8+ in all my magic phases, but always gave Ian 6 to play with, meaning he had the dice to throw at stopping gateway, I only cast it once all game.

For my next game I get to fight the new dark elves with cauldron, a list that I think will cause me problems unless the cannons can get it early. I've also decided to take a few pics of each game from now on, this much text is getting tedious to type and read. I'll be changing my list again for this game, going to drop the screamers in return for a unit of furies and a unit of bloodcrushers. The extra chaff unit is always good and the crushers can cause some problems when flanking, something I can hopefully achieve with this many units.

01-11-2013, 17:09
Just a quick rundown of last night's game vs DEs.

My list
Herald (searing doom)
4 Horror Units (blue, glean, bolt, gateway)
3x5 Furies
3 Single Beasts
3 Bloodcrushers
2 seeker chariots
2x5 seekers
2 burning chariots
2 khannons

Sam's List
Lv 4 Shadow, Dagger (miasma, enfeeble, wither, pit)
Lv 1 Metal (searing doom)
Peg bsb with cloak
20 swords
28 Witches
2x5 dark riders
5 harpies
2 hydras with breath
2x5 doomfires

Sam deployed fairly central with each flank having a unit of each type of fast cav and the hyrdas being on his left centre. I stacked my right flank and middle, leaving just the glean horrors, 1 seeker chariot and 1 seeker unit on the left.

Sam won the first turn and advanced quickly, hoping to bottleneck some of my units. A doombolt saw one of the khannons lose 2 wounds.
In my turn I pushed on the right and withdrew my centre, magic saw a wound chipped off the peg bsb and shooting did 3 wounds to one of the hydras.

Sam's 2 and he pushed the hydras up very aggressively, and the cauldron charged into some blocking furies, the forced overrun meant they would be led away from the hydras now. The peg bsb also charged a seeker chariot which had failed a charge and popped it.
In my 2 I charged a dark rider unit with seekers, the unwounded hydra with bloodcrushers and the wounded one with a burning chariot in the front and seeker in the flank. The flesh hounds slink on behind the bunker. Magic saw a blue fire kill 2 warlocks. In the shooting phase a burning chariot was 1" away from the bsb but misfired! Combat saw the wounded hyrda killed and the seeker chariot overran into the second which was also killed by bloodcrushers.

Sam's 3 and the peg bsb ignores the burning chariot for a flank charge on furies, a 10" overrun would give the bloodcrushers flank. The 3 remaining doomfires get the 11" they need to flank the wounded khannon. Magic sees little achieved. The khannon is killed by the warlocks before it can fight and the furies pop and the bsb gets his 10" needed.
In my turn I try to gain back the initiative, the seeker chariot finds a small gap and gets through to the unwounded warlocks, beasts all pass their march tests and run 12" towards the unguarded bunker and the burning chariot moves to a flank position of the witches. Magic sees the warlocks who had killed the khannon gateway'd off the board. Shooting and the khannon does nothing but the chariot hits 22! witch elves, unfortunately it's S1, but still kills 4. The seeker chariot kills the warlocks with impacts alone, and Sam's bsb deals 8 wounds to the crushers who pop, he overruns hoping the get the khannon, unfortunately his gets a 12" and hits a horror unit, now the khannon can flank him!

In Sam's 4 he realises the bunker is doomed as he's pushed forwards too aggressively. The witches are furied up for the rest of the game and the bsb does little to horrors.
In my 4 I flank the bsb and kill him, and a burning chariot, 3 beasts and the flesh hounds kill the level 4, level 1 and the bunker then fails its ld9 SF check.
The burning chariot hits 21 witch elves at S1 again and kills 3.

Sam's 5 is spent reforming the caulron unit.
In my 5 I get into position to charge the cauldron unit. The chariot hits 14 witch elves at S4 and kills 7, leaving just 11 and cauldron. The khannon takes 4 wounds off the cauldron, I forgot it also hits the hag but o well.

Sam fails a long charge to save the unit and in my turn I hit the caulron with everything. A burning chariot in front and flank, a seeker in flank and khannon in rear combined with 2 beasts. Impacts leave the champ, banner and caulron standing who then kill the wounded seeker chariot, burning chariot and a beast! My attacks are just enough to finish off the unit.

So another positive result for the daemons, I lost around 700pts (600 to the bsb) and scored 2650. I knew I had to win the chaff war to be able to do what I wanted with the cauldron and it worked very well.
I didn't feel that Sam's army was combined arms enough to be a major threat unless I made a mistake. He did push the hydras a bit too aggressively, I think a more shooting orientated force with some counter punch would be a hard match up for my army.
I was very happy with list, the burning chariots in particular showed me how good they can be, with 9S4 attacks they can really hurt light units, and while in this game the flames were poor their potential is so high I can't bring myself to drop them. This was a game however where I think the plague drones would have been very good, they only really fear the cauldron and bsb in the list, they can hunt warlocks and dark riders better than the rest of the army. I'm going to be sticking with the list as is for a while though, and will make changes once I have a better feel for it.

I was going to be uploading pictures for this game but a combination of being squeezed for time and there being a few proxies meant I didn't bother, and won't be next week either unfortunately.

03-11-2013, 18:21
Awesome. Play more games!

06-11-2013, 03:06
Enjoyed reading your reports mate. Some pictures would definitely enhance the experience, even if you are using proxies. Definitely helps with the visualization (obviously)

06-11-2013, 14:40
I have finally got the army at least built and am just magnetizing the bottom of my movement trays so fingers crossed will have pics of the game next Tuesday.
Anyway here is a quick round up of lasts nights game. 'A swing and a miss'.

Game 4 - Luke 'Rooney' with Dark Elves

My list was the same as last weeks

Luke's list was:
Level 4 light (shems, phas, banishment, timewarp)
Level 4 life (throne, flesh to stone, regrowth, dwellers)
Spear Bunker
Witch Elf Horde
2 Hydras
3x5 Harpies
2x5 Doomfire Warlocks

The game swung heavily from my favour to Luke's as it went on, I managed to get the first turn, the reign of chaos table killed a unit of furies while the khannons each killed a hydra first shot.

In Luke's first two turns he was able to get 1 unit of warlocks and the bsb into combat on my left, I'd given the bsb a charge in the hope to get the khannon into him, as 2 gateways had been stopped. However he managed to hold the khannon charge in my 3 and I had to rear and flank him with a seeker chariot and beast to kill him.

While the bsb had been causing me problems I had managed to get the cauldron out the game and get a unit of bloodcrushers and flesh hounds to the bunker. In Luke's 2 he IF'd dwellers on the hounds, killing 2 and popping the 3 when I charged in my 3. In Luke's 3 he IF'd dwellers with his last 2 dice and I failed 2 out of 3 S5 checks on the crushers!!!
The bunker and life wizard thus managed to survive the game, I was able to kill the light wizard, but she wasn't even the general.

While this action had been going on Luke's unit of doomfire warlocks on the left had chewed through 2 units of horrors, and in his last turn they charged the khannon which only had 2 wounds left and killed it. We both had suffered heavy losses, I'd managed to get around 1500 while Luke sat at 1700. An 11-9 loss for me.

Looking back at the game I realised that I made a mistake with the cannons, I should have gone for the bsb first, he can still fail 3+ wards, that one model alone caused me so many problems that I will have to divert more to dealing with him. Having nothing in the list except horrors that can survive a charge from him is very worrying for me though. The witches suffered a lot of casulties from the burning chariots again in this game, I hit them with 4 templates all game at S2,3,5 and 6, there were 8+cauldron at the end. Annoyingly they passed all their T tests meaning they had a 3+ regen effectively ending any chances I had of charging them.

20-11-2013, 12:30
Hi guys, going to be linking you to another forum I'm afraid rather than going through redoing the tags for images. Still going be to fielding questions etc on here though.


22-11-2013, 11:40
Edited the link above, it should now go straight through.

24-11-2013, 14:58
What's on the Pegasus BSB that makes him so tough?

24-11-2013, 15:53
Cloak of Twilight

3+ ward v magic and shooting and d3 wounds in first round of combat, combined with a lance and rerolls to hit and wound of 1s he destroys multiwound T4

27-11-2013, 21:04
A great battle report :yes: More please!

27-11-2013, 23:31
Link to my latest game: http://warhammer.org.uk/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=118562&p=1427904#p1427904

03-12-2013, 22:23
Just got caught up. Really glad to see someone still doing quality text-based batreps. I've been playing my nurgle-khorne daemons very block-heavy, I'll have to give this MSU thing a try!

04-12-2013, 16:38
A very quick rundown of last nights game vs Luke Rooney's DEs

My list was the same as last weeks
Luke's List:
Lv 4 Beasts, Dagger
Lv 2 Beasts, Scroll
Cloak BSB on Peg
30 Witches with Armour Pen
2x10 Darkshards
2x5 Shades
21 Black Guard
2x5 Doomfire Warlocks

The first three turns I spent manoeuvring and trying to deal with the shades and warlocks, the shooting was really putting the hurt on my units. I had managed to get two wounds on the peg rider with a golden hounds and Turn 3 saw a big chance for me as I got the drones into the front of the black guard and the beasts in their side. The pegasus rider was in there but I thought I'd be okay. It gets to combat and I lose the whole fly unit and the beasts popped through combat resolution (I may have forgot the bsb having savage beast of horrors despite the card being right behind the unit) we called it there as I didn't have enough to stop the elves taking me off.

I'm having a little trouble at the moment with the Daemons against decent combined arms forces where they castle up in a corner. I think I should have tried not to engage and just picked up points with magic and the cannon. The biggest two concerns for me as usual with the DEs is the cloak and cauldron, not being able to pick either out with magic when in a unit is very difficult for me to deal with just the 1 khannon, rolling hounds at least gave me an option versus the bsb.