View Full Version : TK and Armor of Silvered Steel

01-11-2013, 18:54
Hey I am a new player and I was just a little confused. I gave my tomb king armour of silvered steel which increases armor save by 2+ that can not be improved. He comes with light armor and a shield though so what is my armor save, only a 5+?


Lance Tankmen
01-11-2013, 19:09
its a 2+ you replace the light armour with the silvered steel magic armour. The shield is ignored, and you just have a 2+. do they get shields for free?? thought they had to pay.

01-11-2013, 19:09
2+ since the magic armor replaces the light armor and since it can't be improved the shield doesn't give a boost to your armor save.

01-11-2013, 19:17
Although I think if you didn't have a magic/special weapon, the shield would still give you a parry save as normal... so not entirely wasted points if that is the case.

Lord Zarkov
02-11-2013, 13:17
It would give you a parry save if used with a hand weapon, the save can't be improved, but the shield is still in use.

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