View Full Version : Warsphinx and breath weapon

01-11-2013, 23:15
So is it correct that with the warsphinx I can do the Tomb Guard attacks, then replace my regular attacks to make a thundercrush attack, then if I have a breath weapon I can use that too and still get thunderstomp attacks all in one round of combat? Even if breath weapon is once per game that seems a little much.

01-11-2013, 23:26
Yup, against the right sort of foes you can roll the entire lot in a single combat and potentially butcher 30+ models.
And then burn them with your breath weapon :P

03-11-2013, 00:27
Just remember that you need to declare the use of the Breath Weapon when you decide to do your Thundercrush attack, as they are both being performed in the same initiative phase (You can't do your Thundercrush attack, then use the Breath when you fail to hit with it, it has to have been declared beforehand).

But yes, it is quite powerful. But infantry is just about the only thing that Warsphinxes excel against, and that's assuming they don't have a stupid number of attacks, poison or just being lucky.