View Full Version : Infinity the game. A new Wargame?

White Tiger
07-06-2006, 02:18
Check out the minis on their website.
It has an anime inspired look if you ask me.
But those drones look cool. :)


07-06-2006, 16:00
Do they actually have any more than those dozen or so models?

07-06-2006, 16:02
Based on what Arcane stock I'd say so. http://www.arcaneminiatures.co.uk/infinity-miniatures.asp

07-06-2006, 16:17
Ah, fair play then

Their bloody expencive though arent they?

A neutral shade of black.
07-06-2006, 16:45

They're a young company that can't afford to mass-produce, and you only need a bit more than ten minis to play the game at the optimal format.

08-06-2006, 09:55

Games pretty cool has a mini range that runs the gamut from great to WTF
d20 based-not alternate activation has lots of reaction based firepower game has evolved alot from the quickstart with its limitless HMGs
minis are expensive and conversion rates dont help the US
Book should prolly (hopefully) be out by genconish not sure if theyll have a great prescence there or not
aliens I believe will trickle in by the end of the year

A neutral shade of black.
08-06-2006, 10:30
They won't have a presence at GenCon at all - they can't afford the plane tickets and the stay there. As I said, they're a young company. Release schedule, from what we know, is Nomads next month or so, and Combined Army three months after that.

Oh, and game mechanics are awesome. There's also a beta translation of the official rules on the forums, made by a fan.

18-06-2006, 06:53
I just tried playing it yesterday. just a rundown of the rules. love it! very dynamic. thank god though there's only about twenty figs per side. it's a bit more complex than GW with the ability to do things in each others turns. not a lot but enough to make you really think your tactics. HMG's are fantastic of course always have at least one or two. and make sure to kill their's asap. they do have a limit now on weapons. they have a certain number you can take per 50 pts in a game. since a game will only be about 300 pts. that means you can have up to 6 hmg's. still a lot but then you give up on other things as well. fantastic figs as well.

18-06-2006, 08:31
My 2 cents;

This game is fresh, original and ighly recommended! :D
Gameplay allows all enemies in LOS with LOS back to react by shooting, dodging, hacking, etc, when a model acts, converting normal of roll stat or less rolls to opposed rolls (roll as high as you can against your opponent without going over stat to see who wins and gets their result).

It should be noted that due to better ranges than most games (pistols shoot 24" not the usual 6 or 12, sniper rifles 104", etc), terrain and careful moves are critical tactics. Think Necromunda terrain at the least.

I think Corvus Belli is the first to get a realistic reaction system worked into a game engine in a solid and dynamic way. The rules play smooth after the first game or two, and it feels more like lethal modern combat than other Scifi/modern games out there. And abilities like Combat Jump, Camouflage (ala Ghost in the Shell) and many others are fun to use and often devastatingly effective. And the figs are great, too! :)

A neutral shade of black.
18-06-2006, 09:49
that means you can have up to 6 hmg's

Yes and no (you know this, but the others don't). Infinity gives you one SWC (Support Weapons Cost) point per 50 points of your list. How many SWC each support weapon is worth varies depending on what it is and what's carrying it. For example, Ariadna Tank Hunters HMGs cost 1.5SWC each, meaning you can only have four in a standard-sized battle; and IIRC, Hsien warriors with HMGs cost 2SWC.