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Unassuming Noob
05-11-2013, 17:03
Hey guys have got a lot of thematic ideas for a Gryphon Legion bouncing around in my head. However I am looking for some critique on the list. Many thanks in advance!

Grandmaster Claw(General of the Empire)- Gryphon, Full Plate, Sword of Anti Heroes, Talis.of Preservation, Enchanted Shield
(Unfortunately there is no option for a Templar grandmaster to be mounted on a gryphon, nor a Demigryph option. Therefore the General will have to do even though his stats are less than stellar. I'm flexible on his gear setup although I am in favor of the 1+4++ setup. This guy is non negotiable as an order focusing on gryphons...should be led by a real Gryphon...and the model is boss.)

Old Lion(Warrior Priest)
- Obsidian Lodestone, Barded Warhorse, Heavy Armour, Shield (because of the excessively large unit of Knights that I will be fielding I went the MR route to try and reduce the effect of a catastrophic enemy magic phase. I will play test it and if I find it unnecessary I will switch it for something more defensive)

Captain Ironhide(Captain)
- BSB, Barded Warhorse, Shield, FullPlate, Sword of Might, Dawnstone
(Pretty standard setup, survivable and somewhat hitty. If I could find 5 points somewhere I would give him the iron curse Icon to hopefully save a knight or 2)

The Beast That Rides(Battle Wizard)
- Dispel Scroll, Warhorse
(Scroll Caddy and hopefully throws out the signature spell on the large knight unit. Would upgrade to level 2 if I could find the points)

The Gryphons Heart
- 28 Empire Knights - Standard Bearer, Battle Halberds(Great Weapons)
(Big, cumbersome, unwieldy but should be an impressive sight with converted battle Halberds. Will play around with 2 units of 14 but I'm liking the idea of the horde formation. Easier to buff up and less total characters needed. We will see but I think it's the idea of how they will look on the battlefield that really excited me.)

The Eagle Claw
- 4 Demigryph Knights - Standard Bearer
The Lion Claw
- 4 Demigryph Knights - Standard Bearer
The Gryphon Claw
- 4 Demigryph Knights - Standard Bearer
(Demigryph spam! Tactically flexible. I would like to add champions but again am out of points. I am somewhat concerned about the footprint of these units but we will see.
The Gryphon Breakers
5 Reiksguard Knights - Standard Bearer, Bannner of Eternal Flame
(These guys are a favorite thematically - they use their flaming lances to corral and subdue wild Demigryphs then bring their prowess to the battlefield and go monster hunting- Cheap, tough, immune to stomp and with a flaming banner should at least dent some of the gribblies out there.)

- Steamtank(Adds more options to the list and is a fun unit to use. Converted and painted to match the theme it's a definate.

Many thanks!


06-11-2013, 11:51
Interesting idea. I'm suprised you don't have any Pistoliers to act as redirectors or deal with enemy chaff units. I would recommend taking at least a couple of 5 man units. I'd find the points to upgrade the Wizard to a Wizard Lord and get a Captain BSB. The extra spells, addition dispel ability and leadership rerolls are too useful to pass up IMHO.

Unassuming Noob
08-11-2013, 00:23
Hey man thanks for the reply.

Have managed to get in a couple of games and they have performed suprisingly well! I have come across several issues that I wouldn't mind opinions on.

1. I thought the Halberds would be superior to the lances on the Demi's. Since playing a few games I have realized that for an all comer list the lances and more importantly the shield and it's 1+ save is more important. They are not Skullcrushers... The Demi's provide the major damage while the knights just give 1attack each. So I think overall keeping them at 1+ is better so you can keep then in the fight longer.

2. I am really doing terribly with the gryphon rider. The bird itself is so squishy that frontal assaults are suicide. The general can barely fight out of a paper bag it just feels like a huge point sink. Does anyone have some decent gryphon lord builds? I need to adjust my tactics if I continue on this route. Flanks only! I'm going to try him as more of a tanky build with crown of command instead of sword of anti heroes. Throw him against weaker units that might bog down my knights. Alternatively I could mount him on a Pegasus and just convert a Demi gryphon with wings. Then he won't bleed as much CR when the gryphon gets pummeled. Any ideas?

3. The Steamtank has been amazing. Hitting power in a small footprint is fantastic in this list as all my units take up a lot of frontage. Is it a dick move to take 2?my gut tells me yes but with no other artillery people might not mind?

4. My 3rd Demi unit has been acting more as a reserve or extreme flanker as terrain and frontage do not allow me to deploy all three in the heart of the action. It's quite nice having a reserve but maybe I might be better off ditching it and grabbing outriders/pistoliers?

Cheers and will update as I come up with more ideas.


Unassuming Noob
08-11-2013, 00:25
Interesting idea. I'm suprised you don't have any Pistoliers to act as redirectors or deal with enemy chaff units. I would recommend taking at least a couple of 5 man units. I'd find the points to upgrade the Wizard to a Wizard Lord and get a Captain BSB. The extra spells, addition dispel ability and leadership rerolls are too useful to pass up IMHO.

Oh and I have a BSB, just not the wiz lord. Could try subbing out the griffon general for a griffon beast wizard lord. Terrible synergies but could be fun.


08-11-2013, 01:31
Consider two roles for the griffon.
(1) Accept that the griffon is a liability in combat and use him to race into the enemy's backfield to take out war machines and mage bunkers. You have nothing else in your army to fill this role, which makes this an attractive option. You won't miss his Inspiring Presence because a) the rest of your army is fast enough to catch up quickly to get in his 18" radius, and b) your army of knights shouldn't lose many combats.
(2) Keep him behind your lines (behind the demigryphs to protect against cannons if necessary) until your army reaches combat. At this point, his job is to either jump behind the enemy and shoot for a rear charge, or to stay put and counter-charge any enemy who might have that same idea.

Btw I don't play Empire.

Unassuming Noob
09-11-2013, 15:54
These are good ideas and I put them to use against Dark Elves yesterday. Being a backfield protector is important - helped me deal with those damn warlocks. On a side note I stripped the griffon rider down and lost a unit of Demi's and added 2x 7 outrider units. Have really liked them so far. Helps me against super fast annoyance armies.


09-11-2013, 17:56
Besides magic resistance, there are 2 ways to protect your Griffon. Ironcurse Icon to protect it from warmachines. White Cloak of Ulric to protect it in close combat. I would not invest in Grandmaster Claw a magic weapon. His Griffon is going to do more heavy lifting then he ever will, a mundane lance is fine. Use this unit to pick on things that have absolutely no chance against it and tread lightly, using flying to pick your combats. A griffon gains +1 toughness and loses out on a +1 armor save because the rules for monstrous mounts are awful. A pegasus would be better in many situations because as backwards as it seems, it is much more survivable than a griffon. But, the griffon offers several advantages over a pegasus. tough things like chariots, ironblasters, terrorgheists, and the like, medium monsters or heavy chariots, can be beaten in combat reliably due to the griffon's strong hitting power. Weak tarpit units like zombies, slaves, and goblins can be crushed underfoot by a griffon so you knights don't have to get bogged down. For example it would be catostrophic for your knight horde to have to charge a unit of gnobblar trappers, but the griffon will make short work of them. The last thing is terror and a 22 inch threat radious. Unsupported flank units with bad leadership like sabretusks and goblin wolf riders can panic off the board from a mere attempted charge their way.

If you can only fit 2 units of demigryphs on the field reliably, decrease the last unit down to 3 models. That might give you some of the points you say you can't find for other stuff.

You're investing 700 points into a SINGLE knight unit. GET THEM THE STEEL STANDARD!

Unassuming Noob
09-11-2013, 20:30
Thanks Kayosic great Feedback. Funnily enough this is the list I ran last time:

General - Gryphon, FP, Ench. Shield, Lance D.Bane Gem
Warrior Priest - Obsidian Lodestone, Barded Warhorse, HA, Sh
Captain - BSB, BWH, FP, Dragonhelm,GW
Battle Wizard - Dispel Scroll, Warhorse, Lvl 2
28 Empire Knights - Standard, Champion, Great Weapons
4 Demigryph Knights - Standard Bearer
4 Demigryph Knights - Standard Bearer
7 Outriders
7 Outriders
5 Reiksguard Knights - Full Command, Bannner of Eternal Flame

I came to mostly the same realization as you and Moss when it came to the griffon rider. I dropped nearly all of his gear keeping him cheap and cheerful. 1+ Save, 2++ if I can identify a BoEF unit. I have been using him as a backfield defender and a striker against weak chaff units. Once I stopped thinking of him as a killy unit and more of a rapid response/Utility unit I have gotten more mileage out of him. I try to attack WS4 or lower targets as neither of them can do all that much damage to anything higher than that. I will try the White Cloak in a few games as it will make a huge difference in his CC survivability. I am fond of the cheap setup though. He looks scarier than his modest 271p price tag warrants.

Instead of the third unit+the change from the griffon lord I'm trying out 2 units of outriders. Because of the unwieldiness of my larger units I was concerned about being run around in rings. The outriders help keep em honest and not just dancing everywhere. If I find they drop to quickly I will definately sub back in the 3 man unit of Demi's and use the fourth too add stuff. Unfortunately I can't take the steel standard on the knights because they are not inner circle.



10-11-2013, 10:09

I would probably make them inner circle.