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07-11-2013, 23:41
Having a look at the rules. Don't really have any skaven models at all. Toying with the idea of skaven. One of my favourite fluffs. So this is a tester list.

Can you critique and comment on it so I can get an idea of what works well and what doesn't.

Grey seer on screaming bell.
Stormvermin (20) M+StdB
Ratling gun

Cheiftain BSB heavy armour, sacred standard of horned rat.(or Umbranner)
(in Clanrats or plaguemonks)


2x 30 Clanrats w/spears. 1 ratling gun, 1 warp fire thrower.

25 Plague monks w/ addn hand weapon, M+StndB;banner of swarm
3 jezzails

10 plague censer bearers
1 warp lightning cannon.

leftover points for weapons on assassin(bands of power/deathglobes maybe) and/or dispellscroll for grey seer
(probably can't afford to do both but depends on tweaks and banner choices.)

Cheers guys.

Apologies. Just realised I used the 6th ed book to write my list! That's what comes or writing army lists after midnight. Am rewriting and will post a new list asap.

08-11-2013, 11:48
O.k. Lets try again shall we.

Grey seer on screaming bell
30 stormvermin w/Musician + standard w/banner of under empire, shields and PWM

Death master Snikch
Chieftain BSB w/shield and Warbanner

40 Clanrats w/M+stnd, shields and PWM
40 Clanrats w/M+stnd, Shields and PWM
40 Skavenslaves w/musician, spears and shields.

Doom wheel
Warp lightning cannon.

Thanks again.

08-11-2013, 12:10
It's pretty similar to the skaven my mate runs, the WLC and doom wheel give an opponent two threats that MUST be dealt with if the they want to protect their infantry blocks and big monsters respectively. Only thing different is snikch... I've never faced him but I'm sure he's a pain in the butt, like most of the skaven special characters... then again, my mate runs two units of night runners with slings instead and they are very effective at warmachine hunting, chaff murdering and so forth. As a regular opponent of the skaven, I would highly recommend at least one unit if you can squeeze them in!

08-11-2013, 13:48
They are some of the few models I already own(mordheim) so would like to use them. I think I'll see how snikch goes as i love the character and model. If he falls short then more rats will definietly be on the cards. Instead of snikch i could take 1 unit of 20 and 1 unit of 15 both with slings. with a cuple of pts left over. definitely worth considering

Thanks for the reply.