View Full Version : What's my leadership?

09-11-2013, 11:38
If I have a firebelly with Ld 7 in a unit of Ironguts Ld 8, and then I give the standard bearer the Banner of Leadership (+1 LD), does this also make the Firebelly Ld 9?

If I have a BSB (Ld 8) then who's leadership do I use? The firebelly general is lower than the bsb...

Do I have a generals LD of 9 due to being in the ironguts with the LD banner?

09-11-2013, 12:42

Your firebelly cannot increase his Ld by being in the unit (other than the banner).

The unit (and anyone who is in that unit) use the highest Ld (the ironguts) +1

Your BSB cannot be the general, even though he has the highest leadership. If he joined a unit, that unit would use his over the general's.

So in the case you describe. Your generals leadership ( and his inspiring presence) is 7+1=8

If any unit has higher (your BSB or ironguts) they will use that instead.