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09-11-2013, 19:08
So here's a list I'm thinking of taking to an upcoming tournament. The last tournament I took a triple Treeman list and that went averagely, so I'm expanding on the smashy Elves this time around.

Treeman Ancient General - Annoyance of Netlings
Spellweaver - Level 4, Lore of Beasts, Dispel Scroll

Noble Battle Standard Bearer - Hail of Doom Arrow

19 Glade Guard - Musician, Standard, Banner of the Eternal Flame
19 Glade Guard - Musician, Standard
10 Glade Guard - Musician, Standard

6 Treekin
6 Treekin

Great Eagle

This list is so tight on points I couldn't even afford a musician for that last unit of Glade Guard. There's nothing I can remove as I need the Banners for Blood & Glory. This is the first list I've made where I'm seriously considering using the Transformation of Kadon, depending what army I play against. I usually swap it out for something else, but this time I'll be taking along my Forest Dragon model just in case I need it.

I've only played this against Ogres so far, but tabled the force with only minimum casualties (the Glade Guard without musician, Eagle and Ancient) on my side, so it seems pretty good so far.

EDIT: Minor change to the Glade Guard - now have two larger units and removed the small unit with no musician. I was originally placing the Spellweaver and BSB in the same unit, but then realised that the Hail of Doom Arrow would go off at the same time as the flaming attacks, so wouldn't be hitting a unit that has had its regeneration removed. So with two large units I'll be placing the Spellweaver in with the Eternal Flame, while the BSB will be in the other unit.

10-11-2013, 10:28
Your bsb needs a magic bow, such as asyendis bane. as he isn't equipped with one as standard so can't fire the doom arrow.

I haven't tried treekin but i always imagine they'd do really well, Theres a guy on here Gustav he knows is stuff about wood elves, he'll be best placed to give advice, I#m only new in playing WE. As a primarily Dark Elves player, I can tell you what i do do to try an stop this list, I would stand off with my Crossbows and concentrate on the biggest archer unit with all my missile fire, I usually run 10 Cold One Knights with banner of flame, and I'd be aiming that through your Treekin, so maybe keeping them apart by a good distance to avoid overrun charges etc.

and kill fire mages!

10-11-2013, 13:01
The tournament rules allow me to keep my BSB's standard longbow.

I've been in a fair few tournaments and though I don't do the best - I play Wood Elves, I'm expecting to lose - the Triple Treeman list I took to the last one scored me in the middle of the leaderboard at the end of the tournament. The first thing I tend to do with Wood Elves is also take out the enemy missile fire, as that really is the biggest threat against the unarmoured Elves. With this army, I think fire is going to be very dangerous. I usually don't take Treekin because of the amount of flaming, magical attacks around these days, but I thought I'd give it a try. Two units should be better than one, plus two Treemen.

Gustav Kohn
11-11-2013, 02:28
Thanks for the kind words Yanos, but my experience with Wood Elves only regards the avoidance army. I wouldn't have the faintest with forest spirits.

Wizzy, good job for sticking with WE through thin and thinner. Let us know how the army does.