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Kung Fu Hamster
10-11-2013, 14:14
I'm sorry if this is in the wrong forum section... it seemed like the best fit.

I've been working here and there on my VC force for quite some time now (not as much as I'd like, thanks to that whole "work" thing smile), and I think I'm ready to start playing some games with it. Unfortunately, I'm still a complete newbie when it comes to Fantasy (been focusing on my Dark Eldar), so I'm not sure if I actually have enough models to cobble together into an actual usable army. So far, I've only picked up the VC battalion and last year's VC holiday bundle, though some of my models were mysteriously lost during the move into a new house over the summer.

So here I am, hoping to get some idea of how to use what I've got (and will be getting here soon). I plan on building a Lahmian themed army, so I want to focus more on skeleton units (primarily because I'm not a big fan of the GW zombies), but for the short-term I'm more interested in just learning the game rather than sticking with a fluffy theme.

What I've got so far:

1 Vampire
2 Necromancers
2 Corpse Carts (1 assembled)
5 Hexwraiths
10 Dire Wolves
25 Ghouls
20 Skeletons
1 Coven Throne
1 Zombie Dragon
3 Vargheists

What I'll be getting soon:

Restless Dead holiday bundle (20 Skeletons, 10 Grave Guard, 5 Hexwraiths/Black Knights, 1 Wight King)

I also eventually plan on getting some more Grave Guard and a Mortis Engine, but that's a bit farther into the future, and I'd like to get started playing ASAP.

13-11-2013, 17:41
You have a good basis for an army, a vampire lord, vampire on a coven throne, a level 1 necromancer, one unit of skeletons, one of ghouls, 2 dire wolf units, a unit of hexwraiths, a unit of vargheists

not bad at all

13-11-2013, 17:54
You can probably swing 2500 once you have your holiday bundle. I would suggest getting your hands on some zombies as well. If you don't like GW zombies, what I've seen done is kit bash zombies with like empire troops, heck even throw an ogre in there to count as 4 zombies.

Have you built the zombie dragon yet? I don't see this too often, just because it's such an expensive model when you toss a vamp lord on top of it, doesn't leave you much choice for flexibility. If it isnt built, I'd do a terrogheist instead. Also have you built the vargheists? Not a fan of these things as they are glass cannons, I prefer crypt horrors, especially if you are running a mortis engine.

Instead of a vamp lord, my friend runs a strigoi ghoul king and a lvl 4 necromancer instead. I like this combo a lot as strigoi are combat monsters, and really compliment a unit of ghouls or skellies. Make your wight king the BSB.

13-11-2013, 19:38
Hi, I don't reccommend diving into the 2500 point rnage as your first game, way too much to focus on while learning the rules. While there are similarities to 40K there are some pretty big differences that need to be learned. I would reccommend a 500 to 1000 point game first. Try to include the skeletons, ghouls and dire wolves as these core units will almost always go into your army lists for the next few months /years. You must have either a vampire or a necromancer minimum as your general. you can take both but in a small game just choose 1 (necromancer if you want a general who leads from the rear or the vampire for a general who can fight and cast magic). Just keep it to the hero level characters to start with. You could also include a corpse cart as this will give you another unit to control and you will learn how to keep your army close together to synergise the effects of the spells and the resulting bonuses (eg when the cart is the target of a vamp augment spell it "casts" a spell that makes units within 6 inches ASF). Once you have played a few games then increase the points limit and include something that flies or a monster.