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07-06-2006, 10:09
Alright, I admit it. I can't paint. I'm completely hopeless. I love gaming but having hordes of grey plastic and the occasional badly painted clanrat is making me sad. :cries: So here's the plan. I need you *dons Uncle Sam outfit, points forwards* to help me with my painting. I'll post pics of the very little I get done and I need you guys to look at it and be as constructively critical as possible. And for the time being just post general painting tips. Ineed them!

07-06-2006, 10:16
Hemhem...here's some pics anyway. These are actually amongst my better painted models but they're also the only really clear pics I have right now so...




07-06-2006, 11:24
Well, it looks like you can manage to keep painting between the lines, so to speak :) That said, the single biggest piece of advice I would give you is learn to fake it. You can get quite dramatic effects keeping a few simple things in mind:

One, Thin your paints. They go on smoother and less chunky like that

Two, learn the wash. The ink. The shading. For your average rat I would say something like this:

Base white
Make the following mix: 1 part brown ink, 1 part bubonic brown, 2 parts water.

You'd be amazed how good your rats could look with just that, let alone paint on top of it. I would either do that (remembering to paint metallic parts black first) or this:

Base black
Paint slightly thinned bestial brown all over fur
drybrush bubonic brown
paint metallics in Tin Bitz
Drybrush BoltGun metal on them

That will give you a decent looking scheme without much trouble. If you're looking for more in depth advice, let us know.. lots of people here are quite good.


07-06-2006, 12:17
Useful advice in the post above - a few bits of advice to add for basic troops:

Undercoating black saves time and covers mistakes - though colours look less bright (not necessarily a bad thing with skaven). Get a reasonably large (1/2" thick) cheap brush from an art store and drybrush a dark brown over the black, the drier (less paint) the brush the better.
This gives you a good starting point for painting figures - not too much paint to cover the details and all the shadows done for you. It's a more rough and ready approach but a good way of getting blocks of troops started.

07-06-2006, 13:51
To paint your skaven,
Spray them black
Paint near enough the whole model scorched brown. Including the fur the robes and the weopons.
Paint the metals boltgun metal.
Black wash the whole model. Everything!! Not to heavy tho as you wont be able to see any of the colours.
Then paint the fur schorched brown. Do it similiar to drybrushing. Exept use a Games workshop standard brush and then brush over all the fur. Then mix a bit of bubonic brown into the paint. Dont worry if you go into the gaps and things because once you've done this you can do a very very watered down black wash. Just so it gives a bit more shadow.
Do the same for the metal and the robes but use diffrent colours and your done.
The great thing is you dont have to be a neat painter at all.
Make sue you do all the washes. And thin your paint down when your doing the "drybrush" There look great trust me. Give it a try

07-06-2006, 13:52
use a tank brush for the 1st coat of scorched brown.