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10-11-2013, 23:20
So I wanted to something a bit different with a 2500 Dragon-lord list. Let me know what you think.


Black dragon, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak,
Cloak of midnight, Ogre blade, Charmed shield, Luckstone. 554pts


Level 2, dispel scroll, life. 140pts

Master, Dark Pegasus, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, lance,
Shield, 4+ Ward. 183pts

Master, Dark Pegasus, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, shield,
Sword of might, dawnstone. 182pts


14 witch elves, sb. 164pts

14 witch elves, sb. 164pts

12 Darkshards, sb, flaming banner 164pts

12 Darkshards. 144pts


20 Executioners, full command, gleaming pennant. 275pts

4 repeater bolt throwers. 280pts


5 warlocks. 125pts

5 warlocks. 125pts

Lords. 554pts
Heroes . 505pts
Core. 636pts
Special. 555pts
Rare. 250pts

Total 2500pts

The general idea is that the Dragon and 1 set of warlocks take one flank, the two masters and and the other set of warlocks take the other. ASAP all the shooting/warlocks/ flying stuff I have takes out any war machines that can harm the dragon lord, then enemy shooting units/ chaff and then magic users. Combat units I leave to slowly engage my combat blocks if possible. If I can get rid of all cannons/ bolt thrower etc quick then the dragon lord, and masters should be pretty safe to pick and choose their match ups. The magic initially looks light, but the two warlock units are guaranteed great and useful spells, (magic missiles to clear chaff/ war machines, then soulblight to aid in combat later) and the level 2 life sorceress has a scroll for defence is able to heal characters if needed, and will try to give a 5+ regen to the Executioners where she will probably stay. (7x4 formation)

What do you think? It's a bit different, but I wanted to run a dragon lord, and after deciding on him the whole army sort was built around protecting him.

11-11-2013, 00:53
Looks solid I was thinking about a list like this today as a thought experiment for using the lovely black dragon model. Honestly though I would definitely swap one of the Master's magic items for the black dragon egg. I would also probably combine the two witch elf units into one. A unit of harpies could also be useful for redirecting and blocking and they will help with your anti-cannon mission.

Don Zeko
11-11-2013, 03:46
Make one of the masters your BSB.

11-11-2013, 12:07
I like the Black dragon egg, but I'm not sure that it offers better protection than either of the masters set ups. The toughness 6 is good, but against a cannon, it will not really make any difference, while the ward save will. I will admit that it is probably better than the Dawnstone master, but I need to have something in the list with a magic weapon, to deal with Etherreals etc, so I would rather not lose him.

I have thought about combining the witch elf units but honestly I can't get over the feeling that it is such a waste to do it. Firstly 2 smaller units give me one additional drop, in a small elite army that is golden. Secondly a 28 strong unit (7x4) gives out exactly the same amount of attacks as the 14 strong unit (7x2), I know against large units they will be ground down, but with 2 units I have the potential for combined charges for more attacks into one unit. Im also hoping that by the time the enemy crosses the board to get to me, they will be somewhat reduced from all my shooting.

The BSB is also something I thought about a lot, leaving him out seems like a sacrilege, and I'm still not sure, but my reasoning goes like this. As he is likely to be away from my infantry the LD reroll ability becomes less useful. It will help him in a protracted fight, but as he can fly those are exactly the sort of match ups I should be able to avoid.
Saying that it would be useful late game when hopefully he will be returning to my battle line to join in the combats there. Another thing I should point out is that I have mitigated the BSB's loss (a little) by putting the gleaming pennant on the Executioners. I love this item! I would love to have a BSB upgrade, but I'm finding it difficult to find the points, any ideas?

Lastly the Harpies is a good shout, i looked at them for a while too, but, and this is where I need people opinions, I think I have enough units able to take out chaff/ war machines/ shooters already? I have 3 flying units , 2 fast cavalry magic missile wielding units, 4 bolt throwers, and 2x 24 repeater crossbow shots.

I think this is enough based on these assumptions:

Most armies have no more than 3 Warmachines,
Most armies have 2-3 units of chaff
Most armies have 1-2 smallish missile units, if any.

I feel confident that I have enough threats, Speed and range to deal with the above. In particular if I can eliminate enemy cannons or other war machines asap without losing the Dragon lord, then he should be able to run rampant, and I don't think there is a lot that will be able to live with his combat prowess.

Would love to hear peoples thoughts?

22-02-2015, 19:45
Still combine the witch elves but make them a 3 by 10 horde and make it a full command