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Unassuming Noob
11-11-2013, 16:05
Hey guys just a couple of quick questions I'm unsure of.

Context is I'm running an all cavalry empire army and my mediocre cav needs all the help it can get! Do any of the following effect Demigryphs warhorses and griffon/peg

1. Warrior priest bound spells(both AL on war alter or priest in unit). I know the hatred doesn't but the other spells say 'unit' and don't specify mounts. The ward will work on any for sure but the gryphon riders actual gryphon - AL on Walter cast of course.
2. Regular spells like wyssans, Light of battle etc.
3. What happens to the Walter if the Lector dies. It says it's treated as a monster being a chariot but with no crew it seems daft keeping it on the board.

many thanks

11-11-2013, 16:18
As per the Empire FAQ (http://www.games-workshop.com/MEDIA_CustomProductCatalog/m3180066a_Empire_v1.2_APRIL13.pdf).

1. His battle prayers only affect the riders, not the mounts
2. These do affect mounts as it's not stated that they don't
3. It doesn't die just because the rider died, it keeps going. Think of it as the power of sigmar guiding itself.

Unassuming Noob
11-11-2013, 16:42
Thanks for that kinda what I expected!