View Full Version : Dark Elf 2500

12-11-2013, 02:10
Thinking on the cheap and soon to pick up two Warhost of Naggaroth boxes online and already have some other models around that'll influence this list. I want to be competitive but definitely wont be going to a tourney.

Supreme Sorceress (Fleetmaster counts-as)
-level 4, sac dagger, ++4

-BSB, peg, lance, heavy armor, shield, sea cloak, Cloak of twilight

Spears x 19 (power dice battery and bunker)
-full command, +1 LD banner

Darkshards x 10
-music, shields

Darkshards x 10
-music, shields

Corsairs x 30
-full command, extra weapon

Corsairs x 10
-xbows, champ dual wielding

Cold One Chariot x 2

CoK x 10
-full command, +1M banner

War hydra


Warlocks x 5

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