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12-11-2013, 18:26
My attempt at a 2500pt list. Please feel free to dissect and criticise this list as you see fit. Hopefully it will be helpful.

Here goes:

6x chariots - Musician, Standard +1 movement

39x Skeletons - Musician, Standard

40x Skeletons - Musician, Standard

28x Tomb Guard - FC Halberds, undying banner

2x Warsphinx - Fiery Roar

2x SSC

Casket of souls

Tomb Prince - Armour of Silvered Steel, Dragonbane Gem, GW

High Liche Priest - lvl 4

Liche Priest - lvl 2, lore of light


I think this is what tomb kings are about. Hordes, chariots, constructs and a little magic. What do you think?

13-11-2013, 12:41
The small close combat units give me some doubts. 40 unlead skellies aren't able to win or draw in combat, horded or not. The same goes for the TG. They will lose against most horder semi-elites and against elite units too. With only 10-15 attacks they wont be able to win. And if you horde them, then you have too few troops and will begin losing attacks fast.
So all your combat blocks are really anvils, not hammers, with the expection of the chariots.
Your Warsphinx would really benefit from the breath weapon.
Finally, I dont see any bunker to hide your hierophant or the secondary wizard. Unless you plan to stick him in a combat unit and make im go in the front row to fight in close combat against the enemy. In most cases this tends to end badly for the hierophant, with our without a 4+ ward. And no arcane item looks like a wasted opportunity. A power stone or a dispel scroll can really change the game and doesnt cost much. And a lvl 4 >> lvl 3, specially considering you are paying only 35 points for the upgrade.

13-11-2013, 14:37
The hordes are ideally just anvils but I do see what you mean. I could do with some more hitting power. I have 6 snakes but it just makes such an expensive unit. The hiero is lvl 3 cause I don't really love the lore of Nehek and just wanted the lvl 2 as light but like you say I haven't got a decent bunker really cause they are guarentied to be in combat at some point. The fiery breath is something I definitely need to work in. So how do you think I should change it round? Maybe drop one horde and beef up the other horde, add breath weapons and lvl 4?

13-11-2013, 14:44
Roll those two units of 40 into 1 unit of 80 and use the extra points to get your heirophant to level 4.

13-11-2013, 14:50
I have never gone for a unit bigger than 50 haha how do you move a unit of 80? Or is it better to hang back and annoy the opponent with catapults and the casket?

Spiney Norman
13-11-2013, 14:55
Roll those two units of 40 into 1 unit of 80 and use the extra points to get your heirophant to level 4.

I would keep them as 2 units of 40

The prince is going with the Tomb Guard correct?

The only problems I can see are
1. I don't know where your hierophant is going, I usually retain an archer bunker of at least 20 to babysit my hiero
2. The upgrade from L3 to level 4 is such a no brainer on the hierophant that you really need to find points for it somewhere. You could do that by dropping a few command models (like the chariot command, which are imho unnecessary) or simply dropping the second level on the hero priest. I would much rather have a L4 and a L1 than a L3 and a L2.

It might also be worth giving your L2 a reason to justify his existence in the list, like a dispel scroll or lore of light.

13-11-2013, 15:00
Yeah prince in the TG and lvl 2 lore of light cause that's just such a useful lore. Where I put the liche priests is up for debate really. When I get home I will drop some commands for that level 4 and edit the original post.
Also thanks to all of you for helping. It's so useful to get as many perspectives on an army as possible.

13-11-2013, 16:04
If I were you I'd drop the 4+ ward on the hiero and take two breath weapons on the sphinxes - honestly dropping 4D6 S4 flaming on a big unit in close combat is awesome, just keep the sphinxes together and run them (haha, trundle?) at the nearest hardest infantry unit (that doesn't have poison attacks). I've had good experiences with mine when I've used Desert Wind to get them into flaming range and used the templates as much as possible (get more hits and more reliable than rolling in close combat).

I never take a ward for the hiero - if he's in combat he's dead anyway, if you miscast enough to kill him through wounds then you'll probably have lost all your levels or dice long before he dies... Only thing it's good for is sniper protection and there are ways round that.

Also, keep the sphinxes together as you're much, much less likely to pop from static res if you whiff your thundercrush and thunderstomp in the same turn when they're together. Seriously, I can't think of many infantry blocks apart from phoenix guard who can take two of these guys together - 2D6 stomps, 4D6 breath (or better the templates), two thundercrush plus a decent number of S5 KB attacks from the riders.

If you're new to tomb kings I would run those 40 skellies in bus not horde and use them to road block hard hitting units for a turn or two. Don't ever charge your hammers into the same combat as those anvils as they will pop your hammers by smashing the skellies up.

13-11-2013, 21:09
I have edited very slightly but I didn't have the book so points might be a little off but what do you think? Thanks again for the help