View Full Version : 1800 points Dark Elves vs. Empire

12-11-2013, 21:36
Hi dudes,

A friend of mine who is rather unexperienced with 8th edition (playing Dark Elves) is about to battle against a quite experienced Empire player within the next days. He asked me for advice. Not sure whether this was such a good idea...:shifty:

I came up with the following rather defensive army (to shoot out a possible gunline from the Empire...):

Supreme Sorceress, General, lvl4, Life Magic - 220 Pts. [within Crossbowmen]

Sorceress, lvl2, Scroll, Dark or Metal Magic - 140 Pts. [not sure whether to take Metal for the signature or better Dark...]
Master, xbows, HA, Shield, SDC, Ironcurse Icon, Dawnstone, BSB - 165 Pts. [within the Executioners]

20 Crossbowmen, Shields, M, S, C, Standard of Discipline - 305 Pts.
5 Dark Riders, Shields, xbowss - 100 Pts. [harassing/silencing the Empire war machines]
10 Black Arc Corsairs, 2xHw, M - 120 Pts. [to fill up core; not sure whether better to give the hand-crossbows?]

5 Harpies - 55 Pts. [harassing/silencing the Empire war machines]
5 Shades, 2xHw - 90 Pts. [I calculated that two hand weapons are more effective against low armoured T3; harassing/silencing the Empire war machines]
20 Executioners, M, S, C, Std. of Swiftness - 285 Pts. [about nothing from the Empire could stand against them in hand-to-hand combat]
4 Reaper Bolt Throwers - 280 Pts. [for ranged killyness]

Total: 1762 [leaves a few points for magic items for his Supreme Sorceress]

What do you guys think? Is it viable?

From the Empire army I expect a Master Wizard with the Lore of Life, a modest gunline as well as a couple of 1+ armour save knights and demi-gryphs.

Any ideas, comments or even a better army composition? They are very welcome...

Thanks a lot in advance!